Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Review

We were very kindly offered the chance to review Mario & Sonic Olympic Games Rio 2016 {RRP £39.99} recently for the Nintendo Wii U. At first, we didn’t have a Wii U to be able to review this game and when Nintendo offered to send us one out, I think they could have heard the excited screams of the children from their Headquarters. Because that’s exactly what they did, scream. Very loudly.

They even told me that us being Nintendo blogger family ambassadors was the best thing ever. So from us {again} Nintendo, thank you.

So yes, once we had everything all set up and ready, it was game time. I think this is a super fun game, especially for family game nights because Mario and Sonic Olympic games Rio 2016 allows you to compete against other players. Whether they choose to be game icons such as Mario or Sonic, {personally I prefer Donkey Kong} is up to them. You can go head to head with each other or team up and challenge the other team.

Mario and Sonic at Rio 2016

This game has 17 sports that you can compete against each other on, everything from beach volleyball, soccer, and even rhymic gymnastics. You have a choice of 30 playable characters and you even have the option to play as your Mii character. This option is a particular favourite of the children, whereas I thought they’d be fighting over who gets to be Sonic or Mario!

Mario & Sonic Rio 2016
With the 2016 Olympic games being held in Rio De Janiero, all of the venues for each of the games are modelled after real-life venues from the Olympic games. I am a sucker for attention to detail but we thought this particular aspect of the game was really cool. 

There is so much to this game that it would really take you to play it for yourself {or with family & friends} to really appreciate what it has to offer. We have loved adding this game to our Wii U and it has become a regular family night game to play. Team Mum {which includes the girls} are currently beating Team Dad *wink*.

Disclosure: We were sent this game for the purpose of my review and all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. 


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