Making the most of small spaces: How to upcycle at home

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If you live in a bustling city environment, you’re more than likely having to contend with a small living space meaning you have to get creative when it comes to filling it with your worldly possessions.

As well as throwing your unused furniture into storage units, that are available everywhere from Scotland to Poole, you could also upcycle certain items that can then serve multiple purposes and help you make the most of your smaller home. Interested? Here’s how…

Need another seat?

That tired old living room coffee table could do with a revamp and it’s the perfect size to become an upholstered ottoman that can either be used to rest things on, as a foot rest and as a seat when extra guests are round. In a small space, a multi functioning piece of furniture is a necessity and here’s how to make your own – inspired by this blog post.

You will need:

  • ·      Coffee table
  • ·      Foam padding
  • ·      Strong glue
  • ·      Staple gun
  • ·      Batting fabric
  • ·      Pretty fabric
  • ·      Decorative nails
  1.    1. Paint the legs of your coffee table in a colour that will work with your chosen fabric.
  2.    2. Next cut your foam to size and glue this to the top of your coffee table and around the sides to create a cushion.
  3.    3. Once your foam is secure cut your batting to size and place this over the foam, then staple it into place underneath.
  4.    4. Take your fabric and do the same, place it over the batting and foam and cut it to size then staple underneath. Ensure it is pulled tight.
  5.   5.  Take your decorative nails and hammer these into the lower edge of the table and you’re done!

Step up

Ladders are great for reaching high spaces but you can also use them as shelves for a quirky space saving repurpose project that also saves walls from drill holes – which is great if you’re living in rented accommodation.

Simply take an old (wooden) ladder and paint it a bright colour that works in your space before leaning it against a wall and using it to house your ornaments and books.

Handy holders

Those magazine holders that used to sit on your desk aren’t being used much now that you’ve tried to go paper free, so why not screw them onto the insides of your kitchen cupboard doors and use them to house your cling film and foil?

Reading material

Talking of magazine holders, do you have stacks of magazines lying around that you don’t want to throw away, but aren’t sure what else to do with them? Then you could either divide them into two piles and place a plank of wood on top to create a makeshift sideboard or simply use the piles to create visually appealing lamp tables dotted around the room,as seen in this home office.

When it comes to making the most of small spaces, look around your home and determine what items can be used for multiple uses – before getting that staple gun out.

Do you have any upcycle tips? 

*This is a collaborative post. 


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