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Since the school summer holidays started I have seen so many people go on camping trips. Whether it’s a spot of luxury camping, a caravan holiday or just plain good old tent-style camping. I love camping and even though it’s something I have yet to do with my own children, it’s also something I never thought of doing in another country. Yelloh Village offers an amazing range of campaign destinations in France, Portugal & Spain. Can you imagine roasting marshmallows by a firepit, watching the sunset over Albufeira in Southern Algarve? I can!  

Camping has evolved massively since I was younger. When my Dad took us camping it was a hike to wherever we felt we could pitch our tents. We’d cook our 24hr RAT packs on a hexy burner, in a mess tin and sleep under the stars. Or, zipped up tightly in your tent because the sheep {at night} would get a little too curious. To kerb your curiously it is not fun being woken up in the dead of night, with what you think is a bear trying to eat through the nylon of your tent. Only for you to realise it was a sheep rubbing itself on the side of your tent – naturally. 

Now? camping has become luxurious, almost. Camping has now become more appealing to those who normally wouldn’t be up for roughing it in a tent for a night {or three}, thus making the option of ‘camping’ more popular. Camping is no longer about hiking for miles before you pitch your tent & make a fire. It’s about having public toilets and showers to use, having inflatable mattresses, being able to opt in for a BBQ on your pitch or not. If you don’t want a tent, you can choose a caravan or even a cottage – yes, please! 

As a family, even though we have never camped together in a tent before, {I could not imagine by lot keeping the piece in a 6 man, Vango!} we have had many caravan holidays.  Those style of holidays is our jam! We love them and they remind me so much of my own childhood, too. But being able to camp or caravan to gorgeous destinations abroad, is still quite new to us and something we would certainly love to explore more of. 

Yelloh! Village is forever listening to their customers and they have launched a Luxury Camping Barometer to see what people expect to get when they go on a luxury camping holiday. Yelloh! Village love to hear about their customer’s experiences on their campsites and aim to improve everything from their customer service to your holiday experience.

Luxury Camping

Yelloh! Village wants you to have the perfect holiday – so letting them know about your experience with them and what you’d expect to have available during one of their luxury camping holidays – really not only helps them as a company but any customers they have in the future, too. If you have a moment, do take a moment to pop over and fill it out, it only takes a few moments {You can find all of the terms & conditions here} If you do fill it out, you will be entered into a giveaway to win one of three holiday stays at Yelloh! Village at a location of your choice. There are just two days left to enter, so you’ll have to be quick! Giveaway closes on July 20th. Good luck! 

*This is a collaboration post with Yelloh! Village


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