How lottery tickets helped build London

What comes to your mind when you buy a lottery ticket? The potential win, of course! The higher the jackpot’s amount, the greater the dreams. But, did you know that, actually, when you play the lottery, you get involved in larger scale projects?

A financial and business powerhouse, not to mention a massive tourist attraction, London is one of the most influential and important cities in the entire world. London’s early history dates back several thousand years, so a lot has changed since then, with a lot more likely to change in the future. One way this is done is by building new and impressive buildings and structures, as well as restoring older, decaying ones to their former glory.

This takes a lot of time and money, which is where the National Lottery of the UK has come into play. Brits and people from all over the world play the UK Lotto for a chance to make their dreams come true. Over the last two decades, the UK lottery has financed and donated funds to so many projects throughout the city of London. The lottery has a charity subsidiary, where profits are donated and put towards good causes for the benefit of the nation. With over £35 million donated to the Nation Lottery Good Causes each and every week since 2012, totaling £31 billion since its inception, London has received its fair share of donations that have gone on to improve the city.

Take a look and see for yourself just what changes and improvements have been made using money donated by the National Lottery:

The Parks of London

A massive city like London must have as many parks as possible. A touch of greenery goes a long way, and it is a great location for residents of the city to enjoy a nice

afternoon in the sun. Victoria Park is one such park that was granted a donation from the lottery totaling £4.5 million. Located in Tower Hamlets and affectionately referred to as the People’s Park, the money allowed for major renovations throughout the park, including a new café and fun filled facilities that aim to encourage healthy living.

The Horniman Gardens in Lewisham were first constructed all the way back in 1901. This ensured many great feats of architecture were constructed over the years, along with gorgeous examples of horticulture. After receiving £907,000 from the lottery, many aspects of the park were renovated and restored. It remains a cultural hotspot, with outdoor film screenings and theatre performances that take place in the park.

London Zoo

As it is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city, the London Zoo is constantly expanding and upgrading to accommodate bigger and better features. Thanks to donations from the lottery fun, the zoo was able to do a complete overview of all their buildings, which allowed them to determine how future expansions would work in the layout of the zoo. The money also helped with research aimed at reducing the energy consumption of the zoo by using more renewable sources, making it more eco-friendly in the process.

Wembley Stadium

Old Wembley was the national stadium of the British football team and home to many importing sporting events over the years. The lottery fund donated £120 million for the purchase of old Wembley, helping go towards construction for the newly planned state of the art replacement.

New Wembley is one of the focal points of the city, hosting countless sporting events including the annual FA Cup Final, as well as hosting the UEFA Champions League Finals in 2011 and 2013 respectively. Countless music concerts and other events help within the national stadium too.

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