Long car journeys & looking after your tyres, with Kwik Fit

I don’t drive, just to make that clear. It’s a skill that I wish I had learned when I was younger {and it was cheaper to learn!}. But I’m not drawing a line underneath that just yet! I still have plenty of time for that. However, even though I don’t drive, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been or went on long car journeys/road trips and picked up some car knowledge along the way.

I’m a curious bunny, so I am forever asking questions about “How do you know when to change gear?” or “How often do you change your tyres?”. We have been on a few road trips in my time and each one I have absolutely loved. There is just something a little bit marvellous, about being able to just sit back, relax and stare at the beautiful world we live in, going by. However, that is easy to say from a passengers perspective. The driver has a completely different job altogether.

We took a long drive to the absolutely stunning Donegal, last summer and I had never visited before, I was in love. The journey down was just so picturesque and everywhere I looked was like looking at a postcard image. So many green fields, so many different shades of green with a little yellow thrown in there for good measure. The views we witnessed just driving down where a thing of beauty, so you can imagine how excited we were to get there. 


Green fields and views to die for, aside – when you go on long car journeys or even road trips – you need to make sure you look after your car. I’m sure drivers already know this, but as a nondriver, I wasn’t aware just how much goes into looking after a car. You have petrol or diesel to fill it up with, water, oil, you need to have annual MOT’s and of course, you need to look after your tyres. If one of those blows out, I dare to even think what could happen. 

Kwik Fit have put together a #TyreChallenge quiz to see just how well you guys, the drivers, know your stuff. Did you know that after a recent survey over 1,000 pieces of tyre debris was analysed? It seems that many road accidents could be prevented if drivers took better care of their tyres. 

The survey revealed that over 500 of the tested tyres failed at the time of the accident due to penetration and 8% failed due to lack of proper maintenance. Therefore, checking and maintening your tyres efficiently can make our roads safer. It’s not rocket science and there are even simple ways to check your tyres at home, using a 20 pence piece. 

Did you know about the 20p test? As a non-driver, obviously I was clueless, but it’s a nifty little trick to help you check the tread on your tyres. If you can see the band around the edge of the coin then your tread is worn and it could be unsafe to drive – especially if you’re about to embark on a long journey. If you cannot see the band, then your tyres are grand. It’s also suggested that you do this test every two weeks, or before a long car journey. It’s so simple and this test takes moments! So really, there is noexcuse to not check your tyres, is there? 

So, if your sat there wondering and trying to remember when the last time you checked your tyres – it’s been too long! So pop your slippers or shoes on, go outside onto your drive way {with your 20p} and give them a check! Yes, OK, it can be expensive to replace them if your car needs it, but, the cost of new tyres far outways losing someone you love, or someone you love losing you, if you got into an accident. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go and take the #TyreChallenge quiz over on the Kwik Fit website and I’d love to know your results in the comments below and share across social media using the hashtag #TyreChallenge!

*This is a collaborative post with Kwik Fit 


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