Living Arrows 6/52

This week at Super Busy Mum HQ it’s been a busy one. Full of baking, giving the house a good clearout {that feels ahh-mazing!}, school homework, park trips and more. But, luckily, in between all of the madness I have been happily capturing little moments here and there that make up week#5 of my Living Arrows moments to share with you guys.  

Living arrows - photography - super busy mum
Annabelle and I were reviewing the Tomy Foam Factory {which will be live on the blog tomorrow!} when I managed to snap this very elegant looking photo of my little three-year-old.

Living arrows
Even though we’ve been hit with every storm known to man {and I hear we’re due another!} in between the rain we’ve made quite a few visits to the local park this week. After being couped up at home or working hard in school – it’s great for them to be unleashed to run a little wild, don’t you think? 

Living arrows - photography - super busy mum
This photo…what can I even say about this photo! Annabelle has gained this hilarious {yet, gross!} habit of picking her nose. Now I’m not talking discreetly picking the insides of her nostrils here. I am talking about stopping dead in her tracks to focus and concentrate on the extraction of whatever it is her little nostrils are harbouring up there! Regardless of where she is! Classy or what, eh! 

Living arrows
Living arrows
Living arrows
Annabelle loves helping Mummy out in the kitchen and anytime she sees me setting up the equipment to whisk something up she is right there ready to give me a hand. I love that she loves to help me bake and cook and I really hope that loves grows as she does.

Living arrows
Granda popped by this week, on a few occasions to help with our garden gate. Due to the many storms it took quite the battering and needing fixing {twice!}. But when Granda comes round the tools the girls get excited because they love to help!

Living arrows
Living arrows
Look at the length of that hair!! 

That was this weeks Living Arrows, it’s hard to believe we’re on Week#5 of 2016 already – but if you missed last weeks Living Arrows, then you can find it right here.

Living arrows

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  1. 10/02/2016 / 10:21 AM

    loved seeing all the pics (the bath one was especially cute) I’m in Australia and while you’re having a season of storms, we’re having HUGE bushfires and super hot weather (I’m totally over it all!)

  2. 10/02/2016 / 11:12 AM

    Really gorgeous photos…. even the nose picking one lol!!! when I tell Nate to stop picking in public and wait till I get him a tissue, he replies “But there is a crusty up there and I need it out NOW”. Lol.

  3. 10/02/2016 / 11:26 AM

    Lovely photos. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  4. 10/02/2016 / 2:12 PM

    I adore the picture of Annabelle!! That’s one for when she’s older. You have had a busy week. I’m liking the look of the Tomy Factory, what fun. Hope the weather starts to be kinder, although it doesn’t look as though it’s stopped you guys. Thank you for hosting #MMWBH

  5. 10/02/2016 / 2:21 PM

    You KNOW I am going to love the Belle pics the most but OMG she’s outdone herself in cuteness. The bogey picking, the lamb ears. I am dying. And yeah how come her hair IS so long??? #MMWBH

  6. 10/02/2016 / 2:22 PM

    I just realised that was so mean to your other gorgeous kids! They are lush too OBVIOUSLY!

  7. 10/02/2016 / 7:13 PM

    Great photos!! We have a nose picker here too, I notice her doing it when she is thinking or just sat watching TV, it makes me feel ill!! Annabelles hair is beautiful, my almost four year old hasn’t had a single hair cut yet and insists that she is Rapunzel, I do love long hair on little girls though! #MMWBH

  8. Emma T
    10/02/2016 / 9:02 PM

    Loving the photos – Annabelle is looking so grown up now, especially the bath photo.

    I don’t have a nose picker, but he has the male tendency of sticking his hand down his trousers – ‘to check it’s still there mummy’. Ughh #livingarrows

  9. Mummy's to do list
    10/02/2016 / 9:05 PM

    Gorgeous photos, especially the ones of Annabelle (shhh, don’t tell the others!). My daughter is a year older and so many of these remind me of her. She especially loves helping with food too, something I’m keen to encourage as I’m much less confident in the kitchen than I’d like to be. She helps inspire me to give new things a go and I’m hoping that getting her involved now will stand her in good stead to be better than me when she’s older! #MMWBH

  10. 11/02/2016 / 3:45 PM

    Awe i love the photos, especially the black and white one of the girls playing. I used to do the same thing with my wee sister till she accidentally sneezed on me and i refused to do “super girl” again (that’s what we called it).


  11. 11/02/2016 / 6:26 PM

    Such precious photos Debs! I love the captures of your children and what you’ve done with them. Annabelle is getting so big! (and that nose-picking habit isn’t exclusive to her, my two year old has taken it up as well). Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful moments with us and for hosting us on #mmwbh!

  12. 11/02/2016 / 9:14 PM

    Lovely pictures – Annabelle does look very elegant in the first one…less so in the third! 😉 Surprised mine haven’t been caught on camera doing that yet! #MMWBH

  13. Rosie @ Little Fish
    11/02/2016 / 11:15 PM

    Lovely pictures! Love the concentration on Annabelle’s face as she plays in the bath. x

  14. 14/02/2016 / 10:41 AM

    Love that u managed to get out to the park. Although we’ve had no storms here, we have had constant rain which is a bummer!! #MMWBH

  15. Hayley from Shutterflies
    14/02/2016 / 8:42 PM

    These are fab! I really get the feeling from your photos that your house is busy and full of fun. You have a beautiful family. Thanks for joining in with Living Arrows x

  16. 15/02/2016 / 12:25 PM

    Your daughter is adorable and you’ve got some really great captures this week. I love getting in the kitchen with my kids too and we need to visit a few more parks. #MMBH

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