Keeping my kids ‘mobile safe’ when at school

We’re in the digital age – there is no denying that. We just have to accept it and roll along with it. And even though our households are coming down with tablets needing to be charged, mobile phones being a constant staple in the hand of your tween and so on. We, as Parents need to get with the times, know that we need to protect our children as best we can within those digital platforms and teaching them to be safe wherever they are, with whatever device they are on. 

My eldest daughter is twelve years old. Before she started High school she was never interested in owning a mobile phone. She was never interested in having a Whatsapp or an Instagram account and she certainly wasn’t going to have a Snapchat. But, ever since High school was a chapter in her life, these other things became a staple in her life too. Me trying to remember that I needed to roll with the times, to allow her these things but her understanding that everything will be monitored. 

She understood that she was to not accept anyone’s ‘follow’ invitation on anything if she didn’t know them, and she was to inform me of any odd messages she may receive over either of the social media platforms she was on immediately. And most importantly, to be kind on them – if she came across anything that suggested cyberbullying was happening to her or anyone she knew of then she has to notify me straight away. No questions asked. 

During school hours, my daughter only has access to a desktop or laptop device during I.T class, and her phone during her break & lunchtimes. However, girls being girls and if I know my nerdy daughter she’d be doing nothing more than catching up on Good Mythical Mornings latest video or too busy nattering to her friends to bother about going online. 

Ellie is also perfectly aware of the risks when it comes to bringing her phone to school. She understands if she doesn’t have effective security on her device and if she loses it, then she needs to understand the repercussions of that. It was also brought to my attention this latest ‘Snapmap’ feature on Snapchat, where if your privacy settings weren’t up to date then anyone who follows you would know your exact location. Even your home address – which is massively unethical {and a tad creepy}. So I make sure all of her privacy settings are up to date and doing what they need to, to keep her safe. 

When my children are at home – their homework has been completed and chores have been done – they’re allowed to do whatever they fancy for the rest of the day. This usually entails gaming online, watching their favourite YouTubers and a little photoshop activity too. We currently use free security software as we’ve yet to find one that suits our needs as a family – but I recently heard that Kaspersky now has a new product: Kaspersky Security Cloud which actually also allows you – the parent – to not only protect your child’s online activities at home, but your also able to monitor their online activity at school, too. 

This sounds like just the piece of software we need, so the husband and I are certainly going look into that a little bit more. Because, as I said, this is the digital age, and us grown-ups need to roll with the times but be up to speed with protecting our children too, whether they’re at home, or school. 

*This is a collaborative post. 


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