A Joules Welly Boot Review

Would it shock you to know that at the age of 35, I’ve never owned a pair of welly boots? I’ve always been a hiking/walking boot sort of girl and whether that spawns from me being a military man’s daughter or a SGT in the Air cadets remains to be seen. Or maybe it was just ‘my style’, along with my flannel shirts and badge covered baseball hats. Don’t judge me. I was a confused teen!
However, now, at 35 {getting back to the post at hand} I can proudly say that I own my first ever pair of welly boots and what a better first pair to own than a pair of deliciously gorgeous Joules Molly Mid-Height Welly Boots supplied by Outdoorlook.co.uk

When I was approached to review these I’d be lying if I didn’t let out a little squeal of glee. I actually met some Joules folk when I visited Britmums Live last year, a gorgeous pair of ladies and they even gave us ice-cream. So, if that was instant love I don’t know what is. So since that encounter I’ve had a bit of a Joules brand crush, plus I have wanted a pair of my own welly boots for longer than I care to admit. How tragic does that make me?

Joules Footwear
Joules Footwear
Joules Footwear
I think one reason I’ve steered away from wellie boots is because I’ve been cursed with thick-calf-syndrome and always poked fun at myself for having tree-trunk legs. I’m sure some of you are nodding at me saying that as you think this of yourself too. This is were the wonder of mid-height wellies come in because they’re for all calf sizes. As as being mid-height they have other great features too, such as:

– An improved tread for grip
– Hand-drawn print lining
– Hardwearing sole
– A buckle on the outer side
– Covered by the Joules one-year Welly guarantee

I’ve never heard of a Welly-boot coming with a guarantee before, so I love that because having that guarantee in place for 12mths you’re just assured durability. 

Joules Welly Boots
These boots are made with 100% rubber and are easily cleaned after a muddy walk with the family with a damp cloth. The ones I chose, as you can clearly see, have this funky pink tread and navy with white polka dot design. I absolutely love them and I’ll be going on more muddy walks with the kids now because I’ll have joined the very exclusive welly boot gang!

Joules welly boot
Fancy a pair of your own Joules Welly Boots? These mid-height Molly wellies can be purchased for £36.95 or you can have a look round the Outdoor Look Website who I worked with for this post.

Disclosure: I was sent a pair of Joules Welly boots for the purpose of my review. All thoughts, photos and opinions are 100% my own. 


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  1. 22/03/2016 / 10:31 PM

    I have got these exact same wellies in the stripe design and LOVE them! Love your dots too x

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