I’ve 62lbs to lose!

I‘ve tried many forms of ‘dieting’ {I actually hate that word!} and of them all, Slimming World has been the only one to actually work. In six weeks on the SW program I managed to shift half a stone, which for me that’s pretty damn extraordinary! To say I felt proud when I was handed my 1/2st award with my glittery sticker would be an understatement.

From that half stone, everything just slipped. I went from eating well to not eating well and since that day 2yrs have passed and I am sliding towards being the heaviest I’ve ever been. Whoops.

Or at least that’s what I thought…

Last week I signed back up to Slimming world {OMG!} and going by the last time I weighed myself {which was roughly around 6-9mths ago} I was 15st 13lbs. So as I’m currently feeling heavier and I can feel the extra weight I’m lugging about with me, I figured I’d be well over the 16st mark and possibly even getting close with 17st!


I stepped on those scales, slightly dreading the results if I’m honest with you and I think my forehead creased in confusion at the numbers in front of me…

14st 6.5lbs.

Err, what?

I literally asked the lady to double check and she confirmed my current weight. I was and still am flabbergasted! Somehow over the past 6-9mths I have lost just over a stone! A STONE! That’s LOADS! My new slimming world journey was starting with a real high! My target weight is 10st which I think will be OK considering I’m only just over 5ft. So instead of needing to shift 5st, I’ve only to lose 4! As if I just said ‘only’ there!

So I figured I’d be brave and add a few starting point photos and hopefully, over my new journey I’ll be able to see the improvements – fingers crossed! Prepare your eyes people!

PicMonkey Collage7
Can you feel the awkwardness of me in front of that camera? Ha! Bless me! I hate taking these sorts of photos but I feel it was a good move for me personally to keep me going & thinking positively as I start to ‘finally’, once and for all, shift those wobbly bits!



  1. sherrie
    17/03/2015 / 9:01 AM

    Goid Luck Cuz!!!

  2. 17/03/2015 / 9:12 AM

    My beautiful lovely friend!! You can do it!! Start with getting that half a stone, focus on each step rather feeling overwhelmed with the big task if that makes sense. If you need help or have questions speak to your consultant or drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do. You can do it!!!

  3. 17/03/2015 / 9:48 AM

    Fair play to you Debs. I was never brave enough to take before photos and also forgot to do measurements (so do that now if you haven’t)
    You’re going to nail it x

  4. 17/03/2015 / 10:19 AM

    Bless you, you gorgeous creature! You are braver than me, I’ve yet to post the ‘before’ pics, although they are on my phone. Well done on losing a stone without realising! Can you share your secret xxx

  5. Munchies and Munchkins
    17/03/2015 / 11:32 AM

    Go you! Losing weight can seem like such a mammoth task but slow and steady really is the way forward. Focus on losing 1-2lbs a week – try and get as much walking in as possible then maybe build up to some regular exercise and it will go a little quicker. Don’t go too extreme to start as you can’t keep that up. Still have treats etc. Keep us updated. You CAN do it.xxx

    • 17/03/2015 / 11:43 AM

      Thanks so much! I am trying to get out walking more but the weather is against me at the moment! *shakes her fist* But I’ll get there! Slow and steady wins the race eh? xx

  6. Sim @ SimsLife.co.uk
    17/03/2015 / 11:43 AM

    I love it when the scales surprise you like that! See, you have managed to lose over a stone without even thinking about it! Good luck on your journey and feel free to link up with #WeightLossWednesday – quite a few other bloggers on SW too, great for support!
    Sim x

    • 17/03/2015 / 11:44 AM

      Hi there, thanks so much! I have jotted that down to link up as I have the memory span of a GOLD FISH! If I still forget feel free to nudge me with a wee tweet! haha! Thanks again!! x

  7. 17/03/2015 / 12:47 PM

    Aww I still think you’re beautiful. I want to loose 3 stone and bought the sw magazine ha ha. Going on adventure blog, mrs shilts and now you are inspiring g me to have a go. Here’s to slimmer every bodies 🙂 xx

    • 17/03/2015 / 1:46 PM

      Yes! Slimmer bodies are us! Or even get those love handles to shift because mine have got far too comfy! lol xx

  8. 17/03/2015 / 2:24 PM

    Amazing work, weight loss is such a mental battle as well as a physical one and the fact you have lost so much weight without realising shows that subconsciously you are already doing what you need to do.

    I don’t have quite as much to lose but I will be jumping on the weight loss wagon with a friend to lose a few lb’s by our friend’s wedding in 7 weeks.

  9. 17/03/2015 / 3:01 PM

    Good for you! I’m also needing to loose weight and although I’ve joined slimming world I just don’t seem to be in the mind set to stick to it.
    I hope you do very well this time and I look forward to future posts x

  10. 17/03/2015 / 3:59 PM

    Good for you on starting this journey. I look forward to reading your progress. Jean

  11. 17/03/2015 / 4:02 PM

    Good luck lovely, you’ve started on a high and you’ll be there before you know it. Aim to lose 1-2lb a week and you’ll do grand x

  12. 17/03/2015 / 11:40 PM

    Debs, you look bloody gorgeous woman! Good luck on your journey 🙂 xxxx

  13. 18/03/2015 / 8:43 AM

    Well done on a great start, best of luck! 🙂 Your t-shirt is awesome, btw x

  14. 18/03/2015 / 1:02 PM

    Go for it! You have a little extra motivation these days too, with that lovely ring on your finger. I have put on a stone with every child, and you’ve had 5 so don’t be too hard on yourself lady! #sharewithme

  15. 19/03/2015 / 9:39 PM

    Good luck ! I have found that slimming world is the only diet that has ever worked for me in the past too. x #sharewithme

  16. jenny
    21/03/2015 / 7:13 PM

    Good luck hunny, you sound motivated and positive and great of you to sharing your healthy journey. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  17. 23/03/2015 / 8:35 AM

    You’re nailing it already! Having the power to control what you eat is one of the world’s greatest superpowers! I long for your courage and willpower! Well done! #sharewithme

  18. 01/04/2015 / 6:38 PM

    Wishing you lots of luck on your weight loss journey! I rejoined weight watchers a few weeks ago and I have abut 7 stone to lose (ahhhhhh) so I’m in it for the long haul….but easter chocolate is certainly testing my will power!!

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