Interiors & Flooring with Winter in mind.

Interiors and FlooringBeing a Mother and having a home to build for my family, I must admit my only downfall is that I’ve never been gifted with the knack of interior design. I’m a very ‘wing-it’ and ‘try’ to make everything go together in one way or another, kinda person. Impressively, I seem to pull it off every time {as much as that amuses me!} but it is all completely accidental. I would love to have the natural gift to make our home look like something from a magazine article {and the money!}, but that’s just not us.

However with the festive season upon us & the colder nights settling in, I’m in full swing to make our home warm & cosy over the Winter months. The first thing I am thankful for in our home is that has a mixture of laminate and carpeted flooring. The children’s bedrooms have carpet which I am thankful for as that helps their rooms, whether hot or cold their carpets can maintain temperature and help you to cut some costs.. Plus, it keeps their beautiful little toes from getting super cold when they get out of bed in the morning.

With interiors & flooring in mind, Diana Civil talks about the hottest Autumn/Winter trends and colours for this season, which you can watch here. I love that she mentioned that bold colours are all the rage and not to be afraid to add a bit of your personality in your room design too.
For example, our bedroom has cream walls, an English fire red feature wall {chimney stack – which also compliments our cast iron black fire place}, bright white furniture with white & black bedding, matching curtains and a cream carpet. It’s bright, with a bold splash of colour and the creams, black, white & touch of red really compliment each other {or  at leastI think they do!}.

Even though half of our family home has mixed flooring trends throughout, I do love the advantages having carpet can bring to the table. As I mentioned earlier in this post, carpet provides warmth but with that warmth it also provides insulation. Carpet can retain between 10% & 12% of heat which would otherwise be lost through laminate flooring. Which even though hardwood flooring looks way more clean & stylish, as a Mum it is all about retaining that heat and keeping those heating costs down for us, for sure.

Retaining heat and insulation is just the tip of the iceberg when considering carpet for your home, because they can provide colour to your space, even on those cold, dark evenings. There is nothing like a warm toned carpet to walk into after a cold & damp school run to make you feel instantly cosy.
Also, did you know there are less accidents on carpeted floors than laminate? I know if my children run down the stairs and into the front room the chances of them slipping and crashing into something is high! But, kids will be kids {regardless of how many times you ask them to put on their slippers!}.

And finally, there are health benefits to having carpet in your home too. If, like me, you’re allergic to dust, it’s good to know that carpets {with a little help from gravity} pull any household particles, like pollen, dust into the floor. Due to the structure of carpet these particles get trapped within the carpet fibres and can reduce the amount in the air by a whopping 50%. Good to know, right?

Do you have carpet throughout your home and do you brave those bold colours that Diana talks about in her video?

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