I’m a Nintendo Blogger Ambassador!

Back when I started blogging, I never thought I would get to work with some of the brands that I have, for which I am super thankful. Then, Nintendo get in touch. NINTENDO! Asking me & my family to be one of their Nintendo Blogger Families for 2016, and if you’re an Adventure Time fan you’ll totally understand me when I say….“OH MY GLOB!”.

Nintendo Blogger AmbassadorI think we can all agree on the excitement factor and as a gaming family, breaking the news to my partner and children was met with excited squeals and punches to the air. I may have even got a high five from the toddler, who is slowly becoming compromised into our gaming ways.

Can we see many evenings having fun filled family time as we throw bananas into each others way, or throwing bombs at our competition to make sure we cross the finish line first? I think so! As gamers and huge Nintendo fans, we are super excited and feeling very honoured to be working with Nintendo throughout 2016. We cannot wait to share with you everything we can on pre-released games, what’s new and more! So keep an eye out for those!

Until then, it’s Ciao from us {my seriously poor attempt at sounding like Mario! Apologies!} But first…

…Who’s your favourite Nintendo character?



  1. 14/03/2016 / 10:00 PM

    Wow Debs! That is HUGE! Awesome news and your family are so perfect for it x

    • 15/03/2016 / 9:45 AM

      Thanks Donna. The kids are very excited about it all! x

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