Hyrule Warriors: Legends, Game Review

You may have read some super exciting news the other month when I was made one of Nintendos Family Blogger Ambassadors {queue squeals from the kids once I broke the news!}. Since that very exciting moment, we have received a very kind welcome pack from Nintendo {see below}…

Nintendo family ambassador

…and we also received a code to download a very exciting game called Hyrule Warriors: Legends which is a game specifically for the Nintendo 3DS family systems.

I remember years ago, playing my much loved Nintendo 64 and completing Zelda, Ocarina of Time, so to be able to play as Link {as well as many other mighty legends in Hyrule} was a huge buzz for me as a gamer. Hyrule Warriors: Legends allows you to play as a multitude of playable characters, with a real Dynasty warrior playstyle to the game itself.

Hyrule warriors
As soon as I loaded the game up {which I did while the kids were at school, of course!…otherwise, I wouldn’t get a look in!}, I was seriously impressed with the graphics, not only of the game itself which looked amazing, but the overall resolution supplied from the Nintendo 3DS was awesome.

The high scale battles and special moves of each of the warriors you can play and switch seamlessly between up to four characters on the battlefield is super cool. There’s nothing quite like surrounding yourself in hordes of enemies only to charge up your magic bar to activate your focus spirit ability button {temporarily boosting your capabilities} and killing all of them in one epic spin slash!

Hyrule warriors: Legends
Hyrule Warriors: Legends allows you to play as five new characters and enjoy two new and exclusive storylines: a four-chapter epilogue based on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, including a five-chapter storyline based on a series newcomer Linkle, a dual-crossbow-wielding Cucco farmer.

Linkle Hyrule Warriors
Linkle won’t be the only new player in Hyrule, to make things even more awesome in this game you will also see Toon Link,  Tetra & King Daphnes and even the mischievous Skull kid making their debut in this game.

Hyrule Warriors: Legends comes in 3 game modes: easy, medium and hard and you can even choose different modes to play, such as Adventure, Fairy & Legend mode.

The fun aspect about adventure mode, for example, is that there are fairies to be found, each of whom you can customise to help aid you in battle. You can level them up by feeding them and dressing them up in new costumes. Players can increase their trust, change their personality traits and even strengthen their fairy magic. You can also rent out your fairies to friends through local play for a total of 24hrs. My 10yr daughter loves this particular aspect of the game.

No matter which Nintendo 3DS system Hyrule Warriors: Legends is played on, there is loads of action for both new and returning players. If you play on systems such as the Nintendo 3DS XL or the new 3DS system {which we have} you can enjoy enhanced experiences made possible by the additional horsepower and features of those systems, such as the ability to control the camera with the c-stick.

The c-stick is a super new feature for us to use and we love it! I think it is an essential feature for the 3DS because in my opinion games like Hyrule Warriors: Legends would be difficult to play without it.  I love how much easier it is to run around the map using the c-stick and we personally think it is a vital part of the new Nintendo 3DS system.

Nintendo 3DS c-stick

Hyrule warriors isn’t just about killing hordes of enemies, it’s about regaining control of the battle as a whole. Capture castles, defeat bosses throughout the game, defeat key enemies {mini bosses} and assist your allies to keep morals high for them to keep fighting against the hordes! Additional weapons can be found throughout the battle, each with their own abilities {example: you might find a sword that hits harder or one that maybe restores health when you defeat enemies}.

Throughout the game, you may also find and acquire familiar items from the Legend of Zelda series, which can be used to help you make new routes or smash down the defence systems of your enemies.

Hyrule warriors: Legends
As you can see, there is so much to this game and it is loved by each of us in different ways. For example, my daughter {as mentioned above} loves collecting fairies to help the main characters during battle. She really enjoys finding and collecting them, feeding them, befriending them and even customising their outfits. My son finds it really fun to just run around spinning and slashing the hordes of enemies, whilst completing the odd mission. Then there is my partner, he is such a big gamer & loves getting into everything a game like this as to offer. He enjoys the storylines, the characters, the graphics, effects & he really likes the dynasty warrior fight style within this game too.

Nintendo 3DS Hyrule Warriors

The new Nintendo 3DS system has become a much-loved part of the family and Hyrule Warriors: Legends has swiftly secured itself as the top-played game {to date} as well. Now if only I could get a go in peace. I may have to go into hiding, this gamer Mama needs her fix too! 😉 

Disclosure: As Nintendo Family Ambassadors we were sent the above welcome pack as a thank you and welcome to the Nintendo UK team. The game Hyrule Warriors: Legends was also sent out to us for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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