How Busy Mums Can Earn Money from Home

When you become a mother, all your energies are focused on raising your children. You practically don’t have time for other things, much less to work. You settle yourself to the idea of staying at home and taking care of your kids. No more going out with friends. Forget visits to the hairdresser or to get your nails done. Say goodbye to a career. This doesn’t have to be the case. Having a family doesn’t equate to just being a full-time mum. Why not earn during your free time?

Yes, you can earn while being a mum. Can it be done? Of course! There are many ways to gain extra income while you raise your family. You don’t actually have to report to an office to be able to do so. From the comforts of your home, in the warmth of your PJs, any mother can actually earn a living. With a computer and an internet connection, you can find a job online. There are many online job sites where you can find a range of flexible and freelance career opportunities. Sites like posts job vacancies and you can search them by entering keywords such as location or industry. Here are good job examples.

1. Online Teacher – If you have the qualifications or the interest to teach, you can do this work comfortably from your house. You can teach language, music, art, or anything that you can teach. For example, English is in high-demand. Many foreign students learn the language through online lessons.

2. Freelance writing – If writing is your passion, you can gain money writing for blogs, e-zines, web marketing companies, and much more. Other opportunities include article writing, feature writing, and poetry. You can even start your own blog.

3. Virtual assistant – Some people seek the help of a virtual assistant who can get tasks done such as data entry, typing, handling emails and other secretarial tasks.

4. Computer programmer – If you are into computers and programming, you can do this job from home. Clients send you the requests and you complete them according to deadlines.

5. Online fitness coach – You don’t have to be physically in the gym to do this. Using the right programs and tools, you can easily manage fitness sessions with your clients.

6. Tour coordinator – From your desk at home, you can help clients plan their vacations by helping them to find hotels, transportation, etc. This can be done over the phone or through e-mails.


These are just a few of the many possible ways to earn from home. You can easily schedule family and work responsibilities to achieve a healthy balance that works for everybody. You manage your own time and you can be free to do other activities that you used to enjoy without having to sacrifice time away from your kids.

*Article written by MJ 


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