Honeymoon destination dreams

Choosing where to go on your Honeymoon can be a pretty huge decision. Would you like to visit parts of Europe that you’ve never been to before, are you looking for a sun, sea and sand holiday or an adventurous one. Would you visit somewhere right here in the UK or perhaps venture forth to the US and beyond. The possibilities are pretty endless. So, with myself and the darling man soon to say our vows to each other I thought I’d put a selection of destinations that we thought would be fun to visit and why.

Florence, Italy

This holiday destination has always been in my top ten places to visit, plus, the name of it is just gorgeous and rolls so neatly off the tongue. Florence. {you totally just said it, right?}. Anyways, Florence is the capital of Italy’s Tuscany region which is the home of beautiful art and exquisite architecture. I can see us having a gorgeous stay in Florence. Tea and cake by the riverside, walking hand in hand along the cobbled streets and taking in the sights. 

British Columbia, Canada

This destination has always been a particular favourite of mine. It has been a place that I have wanted to visit for a very, very long time. It’s a full adventure style destination from seeing the grizzly bears on the Salmon run, or on a particular time of the year catching the grey whale migration over in Newfoundland. Can you imagine the sights, smells and time you would have in a place like this? I mean, look at that view! British Columbia is definitely a dream destination of mine. 

British Columbia Canada
Palma, Mallorca

I have actually visited Palma before myself, with a friend and even though we visited this destination as friends, the place we stayed had a real ‘couples’ vibe to it. So I’ve always wanted the chance to take my partner there and what better reason, than on our honeymoon!

To have the chance to take an afternoon sailing on a catamaran, or just laze on a beach with cocktails with him would be pretty amazing.

So, those are my top three honeymoon destinations that we would personally choose. Three gorgeous choices and all of them make me excited to where we will actually end up going to on our honeymoon!

Where did you go {or if you were to marry} on your honeymoon? 


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