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Box bedrooms. We all have them, don’t we? They are sometimes awkwardly shaped and it can be difficult to make the most out of the space you have available. In our case, my son Jacob has the box room in our home, mainly because his two Sisters share the biggest bedroom in the house together {two girls = a lot of stuff!} and even though he doesn’t moan about his lack of space and/or storage – I know it must get to him on some level.

His current layout is a mid-sleeper bed {which takes up the majority of his bedroom} and the rest of his room is devoured by bookcases and drawers, leaving him zero space to actually enjoy! He also has one of those super awkward stairwell boxes in his room too, which takes up a good portion of floor space also. Talk about feeling cramped!

One way of helping Jacob achieve more of a space haven is to sort out a bed with efficient storage. Homebase very kindly sent us out the Ohio Beech High Sleeper Single Bed to review which will help Jacob conquer a large portion of his storage needs.
Ohio Beech High Sleeper HomebaseHis original problem was not having that under bed storage and I know this Ohio Beech High Sleeper will make a huge difference to the space available in his bedroom.

Homebase Ohio High Sleeper Review 2
Homebase Ohio High Sleeper Review 2
The Ohio Beech High sleeper was a big job to put together, but it’s a good job building things is a guilty pleasure of mine. It took an entire afternoon but once it was fully assembled I could not have been happier with the finished product.

Homebase Ohio High Sleeper Review 7
Homebase Ohio High Sleeper Review 7
Homebase Ohio High Sleeper Review 7
The overall frame of the bed is very sturdy, and the entire product once assembled feels like it will last my boy until he’s to tall to fit into it anymore. Which, even though he’s little now, will undeniably happen one day. So this is without a doubt, a bed to last. 

Homebase Ohio High Sleeper Review 7
Homebase Ohio High Sleeper Review 7
The storage that is built-in to the Ohio High Sleeper is fantastic, and just what Jacob needed to solve his storage issues in his little box bedroom. The wardrobe is spacious, the three drawers and shelves are really handy and he’s over the moon about finally having space for {and I quote} “all of my stuff!”. 

Homebase Ohio High Sleeper Review 7
The High sleeper also comes with a really handy desk that is the perfect place for Jacob to have a little gaming station and it also doubles up as a desk to do his homework after school.

This Ohio High Sleeper bed is fantastic and could not be a better price at £214.99, considering everything you get from the bed in its entirety. {The link directs you to Argos because they are the Sister company for Homebase – just in case you thought I’d made a wrong turn!}.

Disclosure: Homebase sent me this product for the purpose of my review. All thoughts, photos and opinions are my own. 


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  1. Lorraine Bennett
    29/02/2016 / 10:20 PM

    Hey you. Adam and Daniel LOVE their Ohio high sleepers! (Both squeezed into our smallest bedroom so these beds have been a godsend. The wee void in behind/beneath the bed is brilliant too. The boys love to stash their stuff in there and hide their fav toys from the dreaded girl twins! Xx

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