Choosing a Holiday Villa as a Larger Family

As a Mother of five gorgeous children {I’m totally biased, I know}, going on holiday with ‘the troops’ can be quite the challenge. In recent years we’ve all squeezed into caravans and hotel rooms, however, I just came to the realisation that for our next holiday we should really look into getting a holiday villa. It makes sense being a larger family, right? So here’s my 8 reasons why I think choosing a Holiday villa with Top Villas is the right idea for our big family. Top Villas is a luxury villa rental brand who provides holiday homes all over the world, specialising in Orlando. They had me at luxury!

There will be space for everyone. Being a big family I know all too well the arguments and spats that can develop when everyone is living on top of one another in a small space i.e. like a caravan or a hotel room. However, a holiday villa will provide us all with a cosy corner, a seat on the sofa or dining table, or even our own rooms to enjoy a little breathing space if we need it.

You’ll have your own private swimming pool. This idea excites me and I have visions of the children {especially the smaller ones} never being out of it. I know having visited resorts in the past, having a busy pool can be a bit stressful. So the thought of having our own is a pretty amazing one.

thumbnail_reunion resort 1500 pool

Family movie nights. I understand some Holiday villas have vast seating areas including a large TV, although some I’m told even come with a home cinema. Can you imagine that!? I can! A seat for everyone, popcorn at the ready and a remote in hand to press play to watch a movie on a big screen and all from the comfort of your own Holiday villa. Bliss.

The kids can have their own bedrooms! Now, having 3 boys and 2 girls I love the idea of them having their own rooms which would consist of the girls bunking up and the boys bunking together too. But everyone will have a bed. A space to call their own for the duration of the holiday.

thumbnail_Reunion Resort 752%27s frozen bedroom
Space to cook. From experience, holidaying in a caravan and trying to cook for seven people can be a bit of a nightmare. Sometimes the kids will get fed first and then the parents and all because of the available space {or lack of} in the oven. However, in a Holiday villa we wouldn’t have that problem, would we? No, we would not. I’d have space to cook FOR EVERYONE…at the same time! Even the thought of that makes me giddy.

thumbnail_Reunion Resort 4500 kitchen
Family meal times i.e Dining space! Having family around a table is what makes my heart flutter. It truly does and to have a table big enough {which we don’t even have at home!} for everyone to sit around to eat together, would be just the most amazing thing. It would be without a doubt my favourite time of the day.

Games room: I don’t know how I have done it, but I seem to have bred a little army of gamers and that also includes my little Pokemon go fan of a 3yr old. So having our own games room to hang out in, play pool, maybe have a few games on a console would be pretty awesome. I know the kids would really enjoy it too.

Think of the quality time spent together as a family. I know with a busy house {equals a busy life} being able to actually be up to date in your children’s live can be tricky. But getting away as a unit, being able to actually spend good old fashioned 100% quality time with everyone….nothing can beat that. 

I absolutely love the idea of hiring out a holiday villa for our next holiday. I can almost feel the sun and light breeze on my face already, as I’m lying on my inflatable lounger on the private swimming pool of course. 😉

Have you ever hired out a Holiday villa? I’d love to hear what you thought! Leave a comment below. 

D xx

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