Helping our children learn road safety {with a nifty interactive game!}

Road safety is such an important skill to teach our children. I remember as a child being taught about road safety and back in those days it was all about ‘The Tufty Club‘. A squirrel called Tufty Fluffytail and his friends; Willy Weasel, Mrs Owl & Policeman Badger. These wonderful characters helped introduce clear and simple road safety messages for children of all ages, through stories.

That’s how children learn, right? Through play and what better way to learn how to effectively cross a road safely and responsibly than through playtime and games. Accident Advice Helpline has a road safety game available for you to share with your children.


It has cute animations and before each action, it will ask a series of questions. You choose whatever one you feel is right. If you’re correct it will say ‘You’re correct’ and then give you a reason why it’s important to {for example} “make sure the road is clear before crossing” etc.

It gives lots of different scenarios, such as; what to do if the green traffic light is flashing, what to do if a car stops and waves to allow you to cross and the game even gives you tips on road safety when you’re on your bicycle. Once the game is finished {it consists of around 8 questions} – you get a certificate if you answered them all correctly. The certificate can also be printed out to award your child with. 

This game is one of many fun & effective ways to teach our children road safety. I showed this game to my 3 youngest children and it was great listening to my eldest girl read out the questions and my 8yr old & my 4yr old giving her answers. It was also pretty amazing listening to my eldest daughter correcting her younger siblings if they answered wrong, thus teaching them important road safety tips. 

How do you teach Road safety to your child? 

*This is a collaboration post.


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