Capture your own Cornish Pixie from Harry Potter | Tutorial

This June, my first daughter, my eldest daughter, turns thirteen. Which just blows my mind! The day Ellie was born was a beautiful one and now that she is almost an ‘official’ teenager is – I won’t lie – it makes me a little emotional.

Since she was little I have always thrown her a themed birthday party. It’s something that I really love doing and this year she asked me for a Harry Potter birthday party. But, in pre-teen style, requesting just little hints of magic rather than full-blown Hogwarts! Again, I won’t lie, I may have caused a minor mystical explosion but she’ll love it, I know she will! 

Anyways, with just over one month to go until her new chapter as a teenager, it’s time to get sorted. I have all of the invitations to make, which I’ll share a blog post on once they’re done. I have the floating candles to prep {minor magical explosion, remember!} and also some Cornish pixies to capture. Which leads me to this post. 

I have this vision to have a table that looks like something from the dark arts classroom. Old books in a pile, potion bottles in a corner – some Gilliweed perhaps? – and some Cornish pixies locked up after their mischievous acts in Gilderoy Lockhart’s classroom.

They weren’t easy to catch, let me tell you! And even though my youngest daughter thinks I have actually caught Cornish pixies {oh, the beautiful mind of a child} it’s really just some modification of a lantern and some craftiness on my part.

Cornish Pixie - Harry Potter Lantern-1

If you’d like to make your own Cornish Pixie Lantern from Harry Potter, here’s what you will need;

  • A Lantern. I picked up a BORRBY lantern from Ikea for around £7.
  • Tracing paper
  • Cornish Pixie templates. The ones I used are here; Pixie 1, Pixie 2, Pixie 3
  • Black marker
  • Flameless tealight candles. I went for coloured candles for added effect. {bought in B&M}.
  • Glue stick

I simply cut the tracing paper to fit each side of my lantern. The one I bought from Ikea was perfect and it even had little metal clips to help hold the tracing paper into place. No glueing required. Which meant, once this lantern was done being a party piece, it can go back to being a lantern on my windowsill again. 

Once my tracing paper was in place, I printed out each of my Cornish pixies, cut them out and coloured them in black. The silhouette effect is a requirement to make this look as authentic as possible.

Cornish Pixie - Harry Potter Lantern-1

I then glued small sections of my pixies e.g. the tip of the foot, the hand, an ear etc. And lightly pressed them onto the tracing paper. 

Cornish Pixie - Harry Potter Lantern-1

Once all of my Cornish pixies were in place I added two flameless tealights into the bottom of the lantern and closed the door. 

Cornish Pixie - Harry Potter Lantern-1

Voila! Congratulations, you have ‘captured’ yourself some Cornish Pixies and it will be a real statement piece on your party table. This was so incredibly cheap & simple to make and the lantern can go back to just being a lantern again once it’s been used. You can even store the pieces of paper you used away in case you have any other future ministry of magic based parties. 

Cornish Pixie - Harry Potter Lantern-1

Cornish Pixie - Harry Potter Lantern-1

So now that my pixies have been captured we are excited for party day! I’ll be sharing another blog post soon about the Hogwarts invitation, which might even include some free printables – so be sure to keep an eye out for that. Until then…Evanesco!



  1. 04/05/2018 / 10:16 AM

    This is so great! Love it. Looking forward to seeing your Harry Potter themed party spread. I would have loved this as ‘tween’ – hell, I’d still love it now! xx

    • 15/05/2018 / 11:43 AM

      Thank you so much! It was LOADS of fun to make {as well as super easy!}. x

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