Gro Egg: Review

Ever since my two girls started to share a bedroom I have loved adding in little bits here and there to make it pretty for them both. Having two Sisters sharing a bedroom with a 7yr age gap, it can be tricky to make it a fun & happy sanctuary for both. With Annabelle being a lot younger than her older Sister and constantly kicking off her blankets during the night, I would forever be conscious of whether she would warm enough during the night, or too cold. So, when Gro Egg got in touch and offered me a Gro egg to review, I was happy too. 

Gro egg
The Gro egg is a cute egg shaped room thermometer that has a permanent backlit LCD panel, allowing you to see the temperature of the room in day or night with ease. 

Gro egg
The Gro egg changes colour to let you know if the room is at a comfortable temperature for your child, or too cold. Indicators to help you regulate the room temperature to enable a safe and comfortable nights sleep for your child.

gro egg
The warm yellow/orange glow lets you know that your child’s bedroom is a comfortable and safe temperature for your child to sleep in. When the Gro egg turns blue, clearly it is telling you that your child’s bedroom is too cold.

I love that during your child’s nights sleep, the Gro egg acts like a soft and soothing nightlight adding comfort to those children needing a little security through the night. My Annabelle being one of them! It also runs off a mains adaptor which is supplied and this product conforms with the highest applicable British and European standards.

Gro egg
Using this Gro egg along with Annabelles Gro sleeping bags has been perfection. She would stay warm throughout the night, comfortable, safe and us Parents would get a good night sleep too!

Disclosure: This product was sent out for the purpose of my review. All thoughts, photos and opinions are my own. 


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  1. 31/03/2016 / 10:23 AM

    I love the look of these, I think I need to invest in a one for my children’s room as my daughter is forever kicking her blankets off too and I worry she is cold xx

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