Girls’ Party Dresses: Your 2019 Guide

I’ve mentioned in a previous article that I was never really one to dress my daughters to the nine in fancy dresses outside of very special occasions. But as they got older and slowly started making their own fashion decisions, dresses naturally came forth in our household. Although not my personal choice, I still find this to be such a wonderful thing about motherhood — and just like that, dresses organically became a part of their wardrobes.

Naturally, as the year is drawing to an end, I could not stop myself from looking at what 2019 might have in store for girls’ party dresses. I just love watching my daughters develop their own sense of style and make more and more of their own decisions as they get older, and I’ll admit that I have started to love following the fashion season’s ebb and flow when it comes to dresses for girls! So let’s get right into it.

2019 Fashion Trends

According to the style trendsetters, fashion will be focused on high contrast in 2019. It feels as though this coming year, anything goes! Animal prints, boho-chic, large accessories, patchwork effects, feathers and fishnet; the year to come will be flashy and bold — there isn’t a shadow of a doubt about it. But as well as being bold, vibrant and exciting, 2019 will also be a year of optimism and joy in a way that is warming my heart. Pantone, the graphic design industry’s specialist in colour-matching systems for print, has already announced that the colour of the year 2019 is called “Living Coral”. It is a beautiful orangey golden hue, and I absolutely love it. “With consumers craving human interaction and social connection, the humanising and heartening qualities displayed by the convivial Living Coral hit a responsive chord,” says Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. How lovely is that!

Girls’ Party Dresses in 2019

Naturally (and thankfully!), children’s fashion will be a bit tamer and more accessible than its grown-up counterpart this upcoming year. And since we have a few family events planned in 2019, I wanted to investigate what would be in style for girls’ party dresses in the new year. As it turns out, girly gowns in bright colours will emulate the trends predicted for adults, but in a much more gentle and subdued way. The year will be filled with gorgeous and feminine flowery and flowy dresses, ruffles, soft pastel prints, shiny materials, and, of course, the presence of this beautiful Pantone-inspired coral. These dresses will be perfect for any occasions and will see the kids from spring to autumn, and well into the next holiday season, so I am delighted about this forecast and the timelessness of it all!

Textures and imperfections are also a theme for textiles in 2019. Something natural and inspired by nature, the fabric trends for the new year are also a nod to the younger generation’s desire for inclusivity and acceptance of differences. It is a beautiful celebration of perfect imperfection and all things quirky! Velvet, my favourite, has seen us through 2018 (it has especially been present this Christmas) and will continue to be around for 2019. Smooth to the touch and luxurious-looking, this will be my material of choice to dress the girls in, as they also find it extremely comfortable.

Girls Will be Girls

One thing I’ll say about party dresses is that, no matter how fancy or trendy they look, they have to remain easy to care for. Children, after all, our children. I’m happy to splurge a little on a fashionable dress for the girls, but the bottom line is that they have to also be happy, and I have to let them be! And sometimes at parties, things can get a little out of hand — as we’re all well aware! Don’t forget that watching your kids get messy and have fun is one of the greatest parts of motherhood! Snap as many photos as you can and have a laugh — even when the pristine coral of the year inevitably gets a little muddy come to the end of the day!

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