Halloween recipe : Ghastly Ghost Brownies

Halloween or AllHallows Eve is just 48hrs from today! Are you ready? What are you having on your party table and what games will you be playing? I cannot wait to read everyone’s Halloween night experiences! But for now, I will share with you yet another tasty treat to have on your party table! Ghastly Ghost Brownies! 


Are cute are these little guys! Now I must confess, being a Super Busy Mum is CRAZY busy and I will confess that I did cheat a little with these and by cheating I mean I leant on the baking goddess that is: Betty Crocker for her Brownie in a box recipe! I literally added the egg, water, oil, popped those bad boys in the oven and BOOM…brownies were on the go!

All I really had to do next was have the following ingredients on hand:

– Marshmallows
– White chocolate
– Chocolate chips

All I did once the delicious brownies where cooked was to melt up the white chocolate, add a little to the bottom of a marshmallow and place it onto of a brownie, then pour over a spoonful of white chocolate to give the ghostly looky-like effect. Now, I didn’t add the chocolate chips straught away as I fear they would’ve just drooped down and set halfway down where I meant them to be! So I popped them in the fridge for 5mins before applying the chips.

These little ghastly cuties tasted fabulous and they even got a thumbs up from two of my little taste testers!


Have a great Halloween you guys!!

D xx



  1. 29/10/2014 / 6:02 PM

    They look AWESOME! You are the best Mum ever! x

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