Getting ready for Pancake Tuesday with Galberts

Deliciously warm, fluffy pancakes, sprinkled with sugar or drizzled with maple syrup – what’s not to love! Pancake Tuesday is just under two weeks away and I for one, cannot wait. An entire day dedicated to our love of pancakes! YUM! 

Galberts, very kindly sent us out a lovely pancake filled hamper to enjoy and I would be lying if we haven’t delved into it already. The children have been asking for pancakes for breakfast, lunch & dinner and who am I to deny them such joy!? 

Galberts pancakes

The last time I enjoyed Galberts pancakes was a few years ago – mainly because I haven’t seen them sold in any of my local supermarkets. Or perhaps, due to them being so tasty, they sell out before I even have a chance to buy any more! Who knows. Either way, they are delicious. 

The newest addition to the Galberts pancake range is the insanely gorgeous pancake bites – I know, they sound heavenly, right? And if you visit any of your Christmas continental markets, to indulge in those tasty little dutch pancakes These taste just like those! 

Galberts pancakes

My personal favourite though is the fluffy American style pancakes – with some bacon and added maple syrup they are delicious! I’ll not even tease with the crepe style pancakes! 

Pancakes, bacon & maple syrup

If you’d like to win a Galbert’s Hamper of your own in time for Pancake Tuesday and reside in Northern Ireland, then hop over to my Facebook page to enter

I love my pancakes with maple syrup – how do you eat yours? 

Disclosure: I was kindly sent this Galbert’s Pancake hamper for the purpose of this post, all photos, opinions and thoughts are my own


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