French Toast Roll-ups

I cannot remember where I was looking when I came across the idea to make the madhouse some of these delicious French toast roll-ups. But I knew when I saw them, I had to make them! We love a good plate pile-up of French toast on a Sunday, so this adds a bit of a naughty twist to that Sunday morning tradition we seem to have. 

French toast roll-ups have a super gooey and delicious centre and when I tasted my first one, I think I fell a little bit in love. You can either use cinnamon sugar or regular, I chose to go with regular but my daughter has already exclaimed to get my hands on some cinnamon sugar for next time. 

To make these delicious roll-ups I took out a dozen rounds of bread and removed their crusts. I then flattened each slice out with a rolling pin. 
French toast roll ups
Next was the filling! The kids asked to have a Nutella filling {how could I argue!} so Nutella they got. I spread a little on the edge of each slice, before rolling each one up tightly their delicious demise.
French toast roll ups
French toast roll ups

Then dunk them in your regular french toast batter and cook those bad boys up! Straight from the pan, I rolled ours in a thin layer of sugar and then they can be drizzled or dunked in maple syrup, whatever you’re little heart desires!
You can have whatever filling you like in these and I am looking forward to trying out different fillings over the next few weeks!
French toast roll ups

Do you have any ideas for what our next filling could be? 


French toast recipe


  1. Sian PottyMouthedMummy
    15/04/2014 / 10:08 AM

    Oh my, these sound utterly gorgeous. Will be making this week!! Nom nom xxx

  2. Kathryn Grant
    15/04/2014 / 12:04 PM

    Oh my goodness, how have these not been in my life before now?!? Will definitely be trying these out,.. Thanks for inspiring recipe!!

  3. James Gibson
    15/04/2014 / 1:26 PM

    Woooooow !!!!!! Hmmmm I need these in my life !!!! They look great, I love french food its amazing ! Thank you for linking up with The I’m proud of that link up !

  4. sarahhillwheeler, crewcutandnewt
    15/04/2014 / 2:02 PM

    What a brilliant idea….love it and I’m going to try this for an indulgent Easter breakfast! #TastyTuesdays.

  5. Caroline Elliott
    15/04/2014 / 2:39 PM

    Oh my goodness these sound and look so delicious! Yummers! xx #tastytuesdays

  6. Honest Mum
    15/04/2014 / 6:43 PM

    Oh wow, simply WOW-incredible, simple, stunning, you’re a genius. That is all. Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays

  7. Jenny Ripatti-Taylor
    15/04/2014 / 8:02 PM

    Wow debs these are a great creation. I will be making these when I go home in June for my Dad and Mom they would melt at the site of these. So yummy. Thanks for sharing. #tastytuesday

  8. Carie
    15/04/2014 / 8:08 PM

    Oh those look amazing – how about banana for a new middle – or stewed apple, creme fraiche and cinnamon (I had it in a pancake once and it was divine!)

  9. 15/04/2014 / 7:36 PM

    These look lovely and would be a great breakfast for my oldest to help with 🙂 #TastyTuesdays

  10. Colette B
    16/04/2014 / 10:46 AM

    They look amazing. I know Ben & Chlo would love them. I’ve never made French toast before though!

  11. AliceMegan
    16/04/2014 / 4:22 PM

    These sound delicious will definitely have to give them a go!


  12. Mummy Mishaps
    16/04/2014 / 7:13 PM

    yuuuuuuummmmy!!!! xx

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