Having a Fournager {who knew this was a thing!}

Today I encountered the realisation that I do in fact have, a fournager. Who even knew that was a thing!? I sure didn’t. But let me tell you it is a painful, painful truth. 

Over the last week or so my youngest child. My fifth and final little bubba has evolved into what can only be described as a demon child. We experienced the terrible twos. Those were as terrible as you imagine them to be {however ours were heightened due to an undiagnosed tongue tie}. We also experienced what it was like to have a threenager {with speech delay}. I thought the terrible twos were bad. Being three clearly adds a little oomph behind those tantrums.

Living through that third year of her life was more painful that her second. I have the stress lines to prove it. I know her speech delay wasn’t something that could be helped but man…breaking through that communication barrier took time, a lot of time and a huge dollop of patience on everyone’s part. But we got through it together.

Nowadays we appeared to be on the other side {or so we thought!}. She can communicate now {very well} and even though she still has a few pronunciation issues we’re tackling those. However, it seems we were naive to think she was done throwing us those curve balls because lately, she has developed this unwaveringly ballsy and defiant attitude to everything.

Literally, everything!

I am fully on board with changing the word ‘stubborn’ to ‘headstrong’ and all that jazz, but this fournager thing is an entirely new experience in this house. It’s surprising to me because I have four other children but not once have I encountered a fournager until now. She gets annoyed at things that used to annoy her when she was two. For example; not getting the right cup, or being annoyed that she can’t wear her Batman tee {with cape – it’s all about the cape} to preschool or if she can’t catch a ball. The inability to catch a ball {which was thrown up the hill by her big Brother} resulted in this capture…

I mean…seriously? You do have to laugh {or you’ll cry into a big old glass of southern comfort!} however lately I have been meeting her defiances and infuriating need to whine and whinge about anything and everything; with an eye roll.

The sky is blue {queue the whining}, the grass is green {whinge, whinge, whinge}, her right shoe just has to go on the right foot {the beginnings of a category five meltdown}. Eyeroll. I’m not even sorry either. I think when you get to this stage and you have been through it all before and know they really have nothing to be upset about – it’s met with an exasperated, bored-of-listening-to-the-same-old-moanings eye roll. We’re only human after all!

Although for now…we can do nothing more than ride it out. Stand firm against her demands & tantrums and try to find the very thin line between her temper and her extremely headstrong personality. To nurture that trait and help her tie in her feistiness, her creative and very funny little nature with a dash of compassion. She’s going to be ball breaker for sure, just like her older Sister. God help anyone who messes with them! 

Here’s to all of us Parents raising strong woman! 


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