Football theme bedroom makeover

Around two years ago I remember finally giving my youngest son a room he could love and be proud of. Before it was just a shell, nothing really going on, no solid theme and no personal touches. His love back then was marvel because Iron man and Thor were his things, his idols. He was a huge fan but two years have passed and all of a sudden he’s evolved into a different boy with different passions. That new passion is football and his love for this sport came out of nowhere. Completely out of the blue. I have three sons and he is the first one, the only one to love the game as much as my little Brother does. His motto has quickly become “Football is life!”.

So now every time I walk into his marvel themed bedroom with his 3D Ironman decor light next to his bed and his Superhero canvas and posters up on his walls, I feel a little sad. My youngest boy is growing up and everything about him and what he loves is growing too. So the time has come to take down his Marvel curtains, put away his 3D deco lights of his one loved superheroes and give him a grown up boys bedroom. Naturally, football will be the theme and here’s how a few of the additions that I plan to include in his Football themed bedroom makeover.
I hope I won’t be going overboard as I think if you do {or I do} it would veer away from being a ‘cool’ older boys bedroom and enter straight into tacky-ville. This is something I hope to avoid! So as well as these little touches {the photos will be framed} I will change his curtains to something plain {the ones sprinkled with footballs look a bit garish don’t you think?}, add some framed posters to fill the blankness of his walls {bye bye giant spiderman wall decal!} and I think the products above will make it look awesome.

It’s literally going to be one of those jobs that I can do on Christmas eve {this year they are at their Daddies for Christmas eve night/Christmas morning} so I guess that gives me access to his bedroom to get it all finished for him. It’ll not take long to hang a pair of curtains, some string lights and a few pictures. Famous last words, eh! 

I’ll be sure to pop back when it’s all done {before the new year} to show you guys how it all turned out! 😉

D xx


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