First impressions of the Xbox One Minecraft bundle

Going back 15yrs {which makes me cringe to even think-back} I bought my first Xbox console. I had this shiny new console in front of me I was in my element. I drifted round corners on Colin McCrae or kicked some butt on Soul Caliber and it didn’t take long for me to adapt to the new controller either. Nor am I ashamed to be one of those rare and elusive ‘female gamers’.

Fast forward fifteen years and I was recently asked to review an Xbox One Minecraft bundle which you can imagine got this household of gamers pretty excited.

The one thing we all didn’t expect when we opened the box was to see an array of Minecraft related packaging. It all looked very cool and I am a sucker when it comes to attention to detail and those ‘little touches’.


The contents of the Xbox One Minecraft Bundle is:

– 1 x white 500GB Xbox One S Console.
– 1 x wireless controller {with batteries}.
– 1 x power lead.
– 1 x HDMi cable.
– 1 x download code for Minecraft.
– 1 x Builders pack add-on download code.
– 14-day Xbox gold trial code. 

Setting it all up is pretty easy & very straight forward, the leaflet provided in the bundle explains everything you need to know. You just connect the HDMi cable from your TV to the Xbox One S, plug in the power pack, make sure to insert the batteries into your controller and you’re good to press the on button & off you go.

The Xbox One S is much more slimline, 40% smaller to be exact, than it’s predecessors. It looks very sleek but within that slimline exterior is a powerful machine with 4K Ultra HD & Blu-ray {as well as streaming} capabilities and not to mention the 2TB internal storage.


My advice {personally} is to set this console up without excited children because there will be updates to download, as well as updates for your controller too. A little time consuming depending on how good your wireless connection is. You’ll also need to download the Minecraft game which is included in the bundle {as a redeemable code}, but I’ll talk more about Mining and crafting in another post.

Coming from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One, everything felt different, it felt much more defined and it had a smoother feel to it all. Having not only Netflix available to stream from but other apps such as & Amazon is pretty cool.

Using the controller to find our way around the new layout {not to sound too nerdy} but it was lovely. We really like the new feel of the Xbox One controller, from its smooth buttons, it’s textured grip and with an overall more streamlined design. We appreciate the twice the distance range for the wireless collectability and with its Bluetooth technology allowing you to use the Xbox one controller on Windows 10 PC’s, tablets and phones. I personally find this aspect of the Xbox One pretty cool. As does my husband.

Speaking of my husband, and I’d love to tell you how he did it. But he managed to play the Xbox One via his PC. A pretty insane thing to be able to do but I guess with today’s technology, I shouldn’t really be surprised. He basically had the Xbox one on {from the living room} and what you would have seen on the TV it was connected to, you were seeing it on his PC monitor instead. Mind blowing. 

The abilities of this console are pretty insane and we’ve yet to adventure around them all {yet} but be assured that we fully intend too. Check back soon when I share our thoughts on Minecraft {as a game} and what I think of my kids playing it.

The Xbox One Minecraft bundle {500GB} RRP £249.99.

*This is a collaborative post. 


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