My favourite things about Christmas #MakeTheirChristmas

merry christmasChristmas is an exciting and magical time of year. But for us Parents, it can also be stressful, expensive and crazy, but when all is said & done, those feelings all wrapped up together, seeing the faces of our children on Christmas morning make everything worth it.

As a Mum of five I try my best to make Christmas as magical for my children as possible, even for the older ones who know the secret *wink*. Whether they believe or not doesn’t stop me from going all out, doing little things here & there to add new festive memories into the beautiful minds of my children.

LittleWoods got in touch recently with their #MakeTheirChristmas campaign to ask me what little things I personally love, as the Mum, about Christmas.

I love…being able to ignite excitement into the bellies of my children.

I love…being able to go out shopping for gifts that I know will make my children squeal on Christmas morning.

I love…putting on the Christmas music and having a little living room jive with my small ones.

I love…us all putting up & decorating our tree together as a family. Going through all of the children’s little handmade tree decorations is so amazing and each year they never fail to make my heart skip a few beats.

I love…watching the twinkle in my children’s eyes as they sprinkle reindeer food on the front garden before bed on Christmas eve.

I love…gorging myself {guilt-free} on roast potatoes!! {who doesn’t!}

I love…being able to get up to all kinds of mischief with our Elf on a Shelf throughout December.

I love…sneaking into the bedrooms of my children on the night before Christmas to slip their stockings over the ends of their beds.

I love…that feeling I get when I see the faces of my children as they walk into the front room on Christmas morning.

What are the little things that you love most about Christmas?

*This post is in collaboration with Littlewoods. 


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