Protect your smile with National Smile Month

Being a Mum, means I’m also a role model for my children. Setting a good example is something I try to do for my kids every minute of my day. Which means, making sure they know about good oral hygiene and knowing the importance of having a healthy smile.

Wrigley’s Extra® has today launched The Extra Smile Back™ Project to drive awareness of our smiles and our need to protect them. Proceeds from this campaign will be going to Action for Children and the British Dental Foundation and it’s all to support National Smile month which runs from May 16th until 16th June. National Smile month is the UK’s largest and longest running campaign to support and promote good oral health. The campaign hopes to raise awareness of important health issues and make a positive difference to millions by encouraging good dental hygiene.  

Shockingly, the NHS spends 3.4 billion per year on dental disease {just think about that figure for a second!}. Poor oral health in children has wide-ranging impacts, including pain, possible infections and an increased risk of developing cavities. 

I mean, think about how much a smile impacts your day. It cheers you up, right? Having your child come into you after they wake, smiling and saying “Morning Mama!”, can instantly boost your day. A smile has amazing effects on people and a beautiful smile can do wonderous things.  

The Lost Smile
Wrigley’s have kindly sent us this beautiful book called The Lost Smile. This book, with visually pleasing illustrations, makes us aware of just how important our smiles are. 

The Lost Smile 2

The moral of the story is too basically never be too busy to make your child, smile. It takes but a moment. A single moment to stop whatever it is that you are doing {and I know this is easier said than done sometimes!}, to pull a funny face, tickle their little ribs or say something funny. It takes a single moment and in that moment you’ll be causing the smile back effect and that is what this campaign is all about protecting. That beautiful smile. 

Wrigley’s Extra surveyed children from 1,000 parents and found that the great outdoors, old-fashioned games and just spending time with Mum and Dad were cited amongst the most fun activities, as were spending time with grandparents and playing with the family pet – all being things which made the children smile. 

The Lost Smile 3

I love making my children smile. Obviously with them all being different ages, it takes different approaches to making each of them fire me a smile. For example, for Ellie, it could be telling her a really rubbish joke {she seems to appreciate it those!}, for Jacob it’s the tickles. He’s  a sucker for a rib tickle that one and for the littlest one, I just have to pull one of my classic funny faces and she creases up. As for my teenagers, well, they’re a tough crowd but even though they try to hide those smiles, I still get a glimpse every now and then! ;)  

What makes your child smile? I’d love to know! Leave me a comment below of what you do to make your child smile!  

Check out Wrigley’s video that shows how The Lost Smile book was created by children and the inspiration the workshop gave to the children’s author and illustrator:

All profits from the sale of The Lost Smile will be split between the charities Action for Children and the Oral Health Foundation. For more details of the project and to purchase a copy of The Lost Smile visit  

Join me for a Twitter party with Tots100 and Wrigley’s Extra on the 25th May and tell us all about what you do to make your child smile! Join the party using the hashtag #SmileBack between 1-2PM and you could win one of five £25 John Lewis vouchers. 

*This is a sponsored post for Wrigley’s Extra® written on behalf of their Extra Smile Back™ Project which launches today.  


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