DIY & Interiors: Homework space wish list!

Homework space wish listSince this whole ‘Back to School’ wave of madness kick started again I have noticed one clash of the titans time in our afternoons – homework time! Usually, the dinner table would be set up with a drink & a biscuit each and both my P6 & P2 children would put their heads down to complete their homework. However lately, this has not been so smooth sailing.

Ellie felt quite anxious going from P5 into P6, the leap of educational pressure sort of dawned on her and even though she appeared to be doing well in her day to day P6 school studies, at home she shows a different face! She’s never been one to go ‘easy’ on herself, she’s forever giving herself a hard time due to her work not being good enough, her handwriting not being the neatest and generally just kicking herself because she takes a little longer to do her work than others.

With this all in mind, the pressure, and her being overly, and in most cases, hard on herself, the darling man and I came up with a plan to surprise her with her own ‘Homework space’.
10388577_674273532658141_4881761319621349744_nA little doodle soon turned into a wish list mood board! I think when us Mums get a project in mind we go from nought to 60 in the design field!
Nook mood boardWe were working on a budget so everything in the mood board above was bought for around £50. The Denbigh Office Desk was chosen because it had that old fashioned section that you can lift up and store bits & pieces in. I thought this would be perfect to hold any essentials Ellie would need during her homework sessions. The folding office chair was chosen because it was cheap, practical and looked pretty comfy too. Then, every desk needs a little light, so I chose this ColourMatch desk lamp with a blue base & shade, because ‘at the moment’ blue is Ellies favourite colour. No doubt when the wind changes direction, her favourite colour will change with it!

I picked up the fabric bunting from eBay for around £4 and the chalk paint I already have from doing a chalkboard wall at home {you can find our Chalkboard Gallery wall post here.} – so I’ll enjoy drawing out a cute apple and chalk painting that up for her to keep her wee notes and stuff on.

I hope once we get this homework space for Ellie put together that it can be a place not only to call her own but a space for her to focus and concentrate on her homework. Maybe then she’ll learn to not be so hard on herself.

How is Homework time handled in your home? 



  1. 13/09/2014 / 10:41 AM

    What a fantastic idea to set up somewhere to do homework….I really like that desk! Very handy x

  2. 13/09/2014 / 9:54 PM

    I can’t wait to see the finished product! I love a project x

  3. 14/09/2014 / 7:06 PM

    Looking forward to seeing the finished result Debs. A desk and chair is on my list of things for Santa to bring big monkey this year! He loves to write and draw, so I want to encourage him to do it in his room! I bet Ellie is so excited! x

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