Easter Egg Hunts {& games} for Toddlers, Kids & even the Teens! {with free printables}

With Easter, comes Spring and those two together just make me smile. And if I’m completely honest, a little giddy with excitement too. There is just something about finally feeling the heat of the sun after such a long drawn out Winter. Having brighter mornings to wake up to as well as daffodils popping up in everyone’s gardens. 

Spring is my most favourite season of the year. And not just because it brings Easter {which means chocolate eggs galore!}. But it also brings the kids Easter half term break in school – which means, this Mama can go nuts organising what fun we can have over those 10 days!

But first, with Easter, there is only ever one thing my kids go mad over – our annual Easter egg hunt! I try to make our Easter egg hunts more fun than the year before and this year {with the hope of sunshine} it will be epic. I have a few different ideas to help spice up the hunt and get the older kids involved too. 

Password cracking egg hunt – My kids love doing puzzles. Whether it be the 5yr old doing mazes or jigsaws. Or the older kids trying to crack a code to win the game. It’s fun and it get’s their brains working and activates that good ol’ fashioned teamwork spirit. Find some simple Easter related colouring-in printables {check out Pinterest}, print them off and place a letter in the centre {on the bunnies belly or on the bow of an egg}. Put the posters {A4} all around either the house or garden {or both!} and once the kids have found all of the letters, collected the letter clues & cracked the code – they can win an extra prize. 

Password code cracking Easter hunt printables

Privilege cards egg hunt – Usually, I would hide plastic eggs {with chocolate eggs inside} all over the house or garden for the kids to find. But this year, instead of giving them more chocolate, I plan to pop activities into them. Almost like little activity passes to do over the Easter holidays.  Such as, “Staying up for an extra 15mins”, “Lunch date with Mum” or “an ice-cream treat!”. 














Easter egg privilege cards  // Easter egg privilege cards 2

Scavenger Egg hunt – Rather than putting chocolates inside the eggs {much like the activity easter egg hunt} you can put clues. Clues like, “where you brush your teeth” and “Off you go – Zoom zoom zoom! Search around the dining room!”. You can find loads of free clue printables on my Easter Pinterest board.  

Egg-cercise Egg hunt – This is one definitely one I need to do with my kids! And maybe even join in on myself because I may have eaten a few eggs before Easter! Guilty as charged! However it’s lots of fun – fill each little plastic egg {which you can pick up from most pound stores} with exercises. If they complete their task, they get a small egg to place in their basket. So your kids can be hopping about the garden like a bunny rabbit for 1 minute. They could be walking around like a crab for 60 seconds or even do as many star jumps as they can in one minute! 














Eggsercise Printable 1  // Eggsercise Printable 2

Reverse the rules! Now, this is one I will be sure to do with the kids because it sounds so fun! Have the kids write what they would like in their Easter eggs {stay up an extra hour, etc}. Once all of the eggs are filled, have the kids hide all of the eggs and whatever eggs the parents do not find {over a time limit}, the kids get to keep!

You could also do a traditional Easter egg hunt – were chocolate eggs are hidden around the home & garden for the kids to find. Either way, I hope the ideas above help you out, and the free printables come in handy. I hope you have an amazing Easter! 



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  1. 03/04/2018 / 1:33 PM

    These ideas look fab – can’t believe I’ve just found them now. Roll on next Easter!!!!

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