Easter weekend!

Weeks, even months before Easter fell upon us I remember thinking how mad people would be to buy their Easter eggs and other chocolate treats so early. Well, now I understand why! Ever since the children broke for their Easter break from school I knew I was cutting it close, but due to being so busy and not feeling like I had sat down properly in days, I ended up leaving it all a little too late.

So late in fact that I eventually found the opportunity to buy my children an Easter egg the DAY BEFORE Easter Sunday. Needless to say, the shelves were all but bare. I was able to pick them up a little egg each as well as a few Easter treats to put together a little Easter egg hunt for them too, so, I guess it wasn’t a total loss.

Easter photography
Our Easter egg hunt was done on Easter Monday because we had a few extra little humans over for a sleepover the following night. So as the children slept in on Monday morning I was able to hop around the house leaving little Easter treats for them to find. 

Easter photography
This was the first Easter that Annabelle has been able to understand what it’s all about and I really loved watching her older siblings allow her to carry the basket as they hunted for treats.

Easter photography
Easter photography
Easter photography
As you can see, the basket got pretty full!

Easter photography
Ellie loved receiving this GIANT Ferrero rocher type egg and the little ones loved their eggs too!


Easter photography
The kids also got a visit from Granda! Who brought Easter baskets and eggs for the children. I even got a little chocolate Easter bunny from my Daddy too!

Easter photography
My attempts to get one decent photo of this lot was impossible. Especially since Miss Annabelle was far too distracted with looking at the moon through the Viewmaster.

Overall, the kids had a wonderful Easter weekend! Lots of choccy eggs, an Easter egg hunt, a visit from Grandad, movie trips and more. It’s been a busy one for sure! Now, roll on them going back to school so we can countdown to them being off for their summer holidays!!

Did you have a good Easter? I do hope so! xx


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  1. Jayne @ Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs
    01/04/2016 / 10:23 PM

    Fab photos hon!
    I can’t believe how much Annabelle has grown! Where does the time go?
    Love the Viewmaster! We have the (ImmerseVR) pretty much the same thing.
    Glad you all had an awesome Easter xx

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