Our Dream Home!

I think everyone can admit they’ve toyed with daydreams about what they’d like their dream home to look like. If money was no object, anything would be possible, right? So the other week I was asked that very question “What do you envisage your Dream home to look like?”. So with a hundred and one ideas in my spiralling around in my head I took on the task of putting together ideas of our dream home.

Before I delve into the world of Kitchen decor and my ideal choice of bedrooms for my platoon of children, the house itself is something I have always favoured over others. A Country style cottage, with a sweet picket fence and a thatched roof, just screams charm and that style has always had a place in my heart.
article-2187767-1486A64E000005DC-203_964x590Can you imagine this as your home? Because I know I can. The perfectly mowed lawn, the flowers blooming in baskets by the doorway, sigh, bliss. If only the First time buyer ladder was so easy to climb onto!

I can envision opening the door to a beautifully lit and very spacious hallway. As when you have a family the size of ours {7 of us in total} there is a lot of coats to hang up and shoes to take off before all filing into the wonderfully bright {lots of light is my true love!} living space with enough room for us all to snuggle on a sofa to enjoy movie times together {roaring log fire a must!}.
family-room-pictures-fresh-with-photos-of-family-room-style-fresh-in-ideasWith many bums to fill seats we have lots of mouths to feed and bellies to fill so a large kitchen would be a dream of mine. A kitchen with an island in the middle and a large dining table for us all to enjoy family meal time together.
farmhouse-kitchenNow, with my troop of children in our dream home I’d love to be able to give them their own rooms or they could bunk in together if they wished! Just having the ability to give them each their own room would be so amazing.
1-kids-room-climbing-wall-665x455 - CopyI absolutely love this bedroom! The climbing wall for my young son {to burn off excess energy} is such a fun idea and totally a space that he could make his own.
3d57043fabbc9431b95e751c9e11f2c6This bedroom for my girls would just blow.their.minds! Isn’t it just the most beautiful room! Especially the little hideaway nook up the ladder!
charminng-kids-room-with-storey-bunk-bed-with-wooden-flooring-and-patterned-rugThen being able to give my teenage boys their own room in our dream home is a must too. Giving them a space to hide from the little ones and to get lost in the levels of whatever games have captured their souls at the time.
design-of-organizing-playroom-ideasLastly, this feature would have to be a must {if possible} in our dream home; a play room for the kids. Somewhere for them to hang on, play some consoles, read books, do some pretend play, arts & crafts and more. I’ve always dreamt of having a playroom for the children and for the Grandchildren {one day!}.

So this is my idea of a dream home, putting the needs of my family first and having a true feeling of welcome & warmth as you walk through the door.

What features would you have in your dream home?

Disclosure: This is a collaboration post with TSB.



  1. 20/10/2015 / 6:48 PM

    I want this house!!! lol The rooms are just gorgeous! My girl is crazy about pink but I think she would prefer the room with the climbing wall! Awesome x

  2. 21/10/2015 / 2:22 PM

    It’d have a garage, workshop, summer house, be incredibly eco-friendly and in the Cotswolds surrounded by at least three acres of land. Not too much to ask for, non?

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