DIY isn’t just for boys!

diy ISN'T JUST FOR BOYSSome of my fondest memories are when my Dad would ask me to help him with whatever project he had at the time. Which, knowing my Dad, it was always something. It felt like such a joy to be asked to help him, even if my job was to just hold the vacuum under the drill as he made holes were needed or hold something steady as he did what he needed to do.

The project he had in place wasn’t really my focus, it was the sheer privilege of being asked to help him that made me one happy kid. Now, all these years later I look back and I’m actually impressed how much of his knowledge I actually picked up and the realisation that DIY isn’t just for boys!

He taught me how to paint walls efficiently, drill holes in walls, put up fence posts, handle power tools with responsibility and confidence and even how to mix cement like a champion. As I’ve grown, made a family and now I have the great privilege of giving my family a beautiful home and I’ve found myself putting those tools my Dad taught me to amazing use.
toolboxI do everything in our home, from the flat packs to the painting, the grouting to the fixing. My partner wasn’t raised with a DIY Dad like I was so sadly he doesn’t know his circular saw from a hacksaw {which pains me to say!}. I learned my lesson by asking him to paint once and it was like giving a child a brush to go mad with. How he managed to get more paint on himself than the walls just baffles me. So a harsh lesson was learned and now the DIY badge is permanently¬†pinned on me. I’d be lying if I didn’t enjoy it though!

Who does the DIY in your home? 

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