Your Disney favourites {with Ocean Florida}

Ever since my Mum brought home our first VHS player with Beauty & the Beast {our first ever Disney movie on tape} I have been in love. Disney is something that really captures us, young or old, it has that something that we all love to include in our lives….a little touch of magic.

Ocean Florida recently hosted a competition and they’re super excited to share their results of the Ultimate Disney survey. An amazing 15,000 Disney lovers entered with a chance to win an amazing once-in-a-lifetime magical trip to Walt Disney World, Florida.

The results are in and they reveal the nation’s Disney favourites; from Princes to Princesses, the songs they can’t help but sing along too {we all know a few of those, right?} and the characters they would love to meet.

Ocean Florida created an infographic highlight the results of their survey;

Looking at the results, I reckon the public have spoken. Also, being from Northern Ireland I have to admit, Pascal is our favourite sidekick too! He’s so cute, funny and a great little character.

For me, the songs that have stayed with us are without-a-doubt “Let it Go” from Frozen and “Beauty & the Beast” from {you guessed it} Beauty & the Beast. I mean, the world is in love with that ballroom scene and song.

As for our favourite character of all time? Gosh, that’s a tough question, isn’t it? Although if you asked my children I’m sure their answers would be a mixture of Buzz Lightyear, Olaf, Rapunzel and Ariel. Which, I have to admit, Ariel would be my favourite too!

At the end of the day, Disney has given us an amazing collection of main characters, sidekicks, villains and sing-along songs that have embedded into our hearts.

Who’s your favourite Disney character of all time? 

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  1. 21/04/2017 / 12:13 PM

    It’s hard to choose but probably Ariel. My daughter got a singing Ariel Tsum Tsum off my friend. It goes EVERYWHERE

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