Getting more digitally confident with a Post Office Broadband Digitial Drop-In

In this day & age, we’re almost expected to know our way around the digital world – and we do, to a degree! But that digital world is so fast-paced and forever evolving that sometimes it can be hard to keep up. Being a blogger its sort of ‘our job’, I guess you could say, to keep up with the ever-changing digital age. But even I don’t know everything and it was lovely to be invited along to London to attend a Digital Drop-In which is run by Post Office Broadband & Google lately, to see what it’s all about. 

This is something the Post Office is hoping will take off and allow them to expand because let’s face it – it’s a pretty awesome idea. So, as part of their pilot scheme, there has been drop-in sessions kick-started all around the country, which are aimed at helping people, like you & me, gain more digital confidence. 

As well as being an awesome idea, the sessions are completely free to attend – all you have to do is sign up online to be able to attend one. You can find out more information about the Digital Drop-Ins here –

Hearing about the digital drop-in sessions made me think back to when my Dad bought his first laptop and he didn’t have a clue where to start. My Brother & I got endless phone calls asking us how to set up an email, a PayPal, an eBay and so much more. If there was ever an issue we were on his speed dial to ask us to fix it. At the time I found it quite comical, but thinking back to it now I can see how frustrating and quite overwhelming it would have been for my Dad.

Even right at this moment, I may feel quite tech savvy – however, there are kids the same age as my two eldest boys {17 & 18} who are coding all kinds of amazing things with such ease – and here I am thinking I’m nifty for changing the theme on my WordPress blog or creating something on Photoshop! So there are certainly a lot of parts of technology & the internet where I am not confident in – even though I am online every day. According to research commisioned by Post Office Broadband, there are as many as one in five people who aren’t digitally confident. 

I am sure that percentage rises when you throw in smart devices, home assistants, smart watches for fitness and so on. I do have a home assistant which I use for music and asking it random questions {for my own amusement}. I have never used a smartwatch but as I am doing my Couch to 5k and trying to really embrace fitness into my life, it is a device I am really keen to invest in. 

Even looking at the everyday smartphone – people aren’t too sure of themselves when it comes to apps and which ones will help them with their specific needs. Whether it be Canva, to help you create graphics for your business or not being aware that you can watch Netflix on the go!

A shocking 44% of people share that they have never been taught how to use their devices, others don’t fully grasp the features on their device {whether that be a tablet, phone or laptop} and 29% of people admit to not knowing how to set them up. 

This is why I think it’s amazing that Post Office Broadband has teamed up with Google Digital Garage to launch these digital drop-in sessions, all around the country. So check online if there is one near you! Plymouth, Southampton, Cardiff – to name a few.

They’re being held in a number of libraries and this week I’ll be heading to London on Friday 31st August to attend their digital drop-in workshop in Hackney – everything will be covered from internet safety, device advice, getting started online and so much more. Remember, it’s totally free to attend – just register online to secure your place. 

So if you’re not as digitally confident as you’d like to be, do pop along and join us! 

*This is a collaborative post with The Post Office



  1. 28/08/2018 / 1:16 PM

    This is such an awesome idea from the Post Office, I love that they are helping making people more digitally confidence I am sure it is helping a lot of people, no matter their digital knowledge.

    • 10/09/2018 / 11:47 AM

      It is a great idea, isn’t it! It’s something we never think about doing when we buy a device, which makes these sessions even more brilliant.

  2. 28/08/2018 / 1:25 PM

    This is such a good idea – for the older generation especially but I think everyone could stand to learn one or two new skills – I think I’m quite tech savvy but I’m really not compared to most people! So I would really benefit from attending one of these. Slightly unrelated but it was only a few months ago that I finally worked out how to stream things from my laptop to my TV – I knew I needed some sort of wire but I had no idea it was just as simple as plugging in an AV wire and going from there – I was convinced I had to go out to buy some rare wire and download some special’h! x

    • 10/09/2018 / 11:49 AM

      I think, no matter the age we are always learning how to navigate our way through all of these digital devices. Hell, I’ll be damned if I know the full extent of my Samsung Galaxy S7’s capabilities! I’m quite tech savvy with Android, however when it comes to iPhone? Pfft, I’m clueless! Which comes as NO SURPRISE that when I was at the session, those devices were at the heart of the lack of digital confidence.

  3. 28/08/2018 / 2:10 PM

    This is such a good idea! As you say even when you think you are quite tech savvy, things move so fast, it’s impossible to keep up with everything. My hubby has one of those brains where he can just figure tech out himself, but I’m just not wired like that. I have to be shown, or read a tutorial. I can see this being so useful to many people. x

    • 10/09/2018 / 11:50 AM

      This is it and that’s why these sessions are so great!

      As for your Husband, my Husband is one of those bods, too! It’s silently frustrating, but they are a bit brilliant when all is said and done! x

  4. 28/08/2018 / 2:52 PM

    What a great idea! My dad would really benefit from this & there’s still loads I can learn

    • 10/09/2018 / 11:50 AM

      How amazing – hopefully there is one in your area!?

  5. 28/08/2018 / 7:59 PM

    It’s such a good idea to do these, even I (who works in digital/has always had a job in digital) feels overwhelmed! x

  6. 29/08/2018 / 10:32 AM

    What a great idea. I love that the post office is making people more digitally confident!

    • 10/09/2018 / 11:52 AM

      It is a brand that has been around for SO LONG and it’s well trusted! Which is why these sessions have been so well received. It’s such a great idea.

  7. Hannah
    29/08/2018 / 10:33 AM

    This looks like a really good idea as not everyone knows how to use their devices fully

  8. 30/08/2018 / 7:27 PM

    What a fantastic idea. My husband is way more digitally confident than I am and I often leave him to set things up for me!

  9. 30/08/2018 / 10:20 PM

    These sessions sound amazing. I’ve heard lots of great things about them.

  10. 07/11/2018 / 8:01 AM

    This is such a great initiative – certainly going to book my mum onto this

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