#DevelopingLife Round-up week 11

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Welcome back to another glorious round-up of the latest IG community feed #Developinglife – you guys are so amazing for continuing to use this hashtag and it just makes me happy that people join in. A little soppy I know, but sure…it’s the weekend, we’re allowed to be a little emotional, right?

I’m just going to dive right in and share with you, my top 3 favourites from the latest week:

And then my own favourite top three photos I shared this week…

My view right now…😍

A photo posted by Super Busy Mum (Debs) (@superbusymum) on

We tried the new frozen birdseye waffles for lunch today. Obviously they were joined by bacon & maple syrup for good measure. Yum!

A photo posted by Super Busy Mum (Debs) (@superbusymum) on

It’s been lovely {as always} to see people’s developing life moments, and I’m excited to see that we’re passed the 1500 mark for photos on the feed! Eeek! Do consider giving any of the lovely Instagrammers a follow {if you don’t already!} and I look forward to sharing next weeks #developinglife round-up!

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