#DevelopingLife Round-Up Week#18

Hello, hello! Welcome back for another round-up week of sharing a few of my favorites from my Instagram community #developinglife. Are you a regular? HELLO! Or, if you are new here and just stumbled across us? HELLO TO YOU TOO! And I hope you’ll start to join in on IG feed fun too! We nearly have an amazing 7,000 images shared on my #developinglife IG feed and that just blows me away! Isn’t that amazing! I think as soon as I get to that all important 10k mark I’ll have to get some balloons done for a wee dorky photo opportunity! Ha! It has to be done, doesn’t it!? 😉

Anyways, here is a sneaky glimpse at a few photos that really stood out for me this week! Everything autumnal just makes me a very happy girlie indeed. Isn’t October just beautiful! 

#developinglife Top left: Cecilia.leslie07 // Top right: MummyandMonkeys // Bottom left: charlotterawles // Bottom right: sparklesandstretchmarks // 

I swear, the daily photos that are being shared over on #developinglife are just getting better and better! Just beautiful captures of life developing all over the place. They make me happy! So thank you for continuing to support the IG community! Mucho love to you all! xx

Now, enough sappiness 😉 It’s time for the top 3 that caught my eye this week!

Surveying the scene…👻

A photo posted by Lucinda Robins (@thelondonmummy) on

And for my own top 3 favorites…

The closest we’ll ever get to a pumpkin patch. Our local green grocer 😂🎃

A photo posted by Debs 💕 Lifestyle blogger! (@superbusymum) on

Until next week lovelies! Remember, keep using the #Developinglife hashtag to not only join in but be included in my daily features too! 

D xx


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