Developing Life round-up Week#12

Welcome back to another round up for my little Instagram community Developing Life. First and foremost though I must explain my absence lately. Because it’s been a good month {maybe more} since my last round-up post, or since I’ve been able to comment and like your photos {which I am slowly catching up on by the way!}. But the gist of it is, my partners wee Mummy passed away there at the end of May and our lives sort of got flipped sideways after that. 

It was all very sudden, and everything following her passing sort of snowballed. Before we knew it we were at a wake, many hugs to family & friends, many tears shed. Then there was her funeral, which, can I just say was the most loved filled and beautiful funeral that I have ever been too. Then after that, it was trying to adjust back to life and normality. My job was to comfort and console my husband-to-be. Since I lost my Mum a few years ago myself I understood what he was going through, and still is, and that sucks. So basically for the last month that has been our life. But normality is slowly rejoining our daily lives and as sad as the recent happenings are; life does go on.

So, with that explanation out of the way – HELLO! *waves* I am excited to get back into sharing some of my favourites from the gorgeous IG community we have all made together. You guys are all so awesome for continuing to join in and I’m shocked that #developinglife now has over 2.5k images! WOWsers!

So, to kick start this shin-dig…here’s my top 3 favourites from the last week – 

Fab day if shattered! . #3footfestival #festival #facepainting #littlefierceones #lifecloseup #developinglife #childhoodunplugged

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And my own top 3 favourites…

There have been so many amazing photos that I have missed since our lives took a turn, but I’m back now…so I’ll be hosting more weekly round-ups from here on in and catching up on everyone’s beautiful developing moments! I may even start a daily photo share over on my own IG, linking back to the source – what do you guys think about that?

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Anyways, until next week you gorgeous lot!

Debs xo


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  1. RachelSwirl
    03/07/2016 / 10:53 PM

    Well done on your instagram community it sounds like it is doing really well x

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