I love Instagram. It’s without a doubt my favourite social media platform; it’s a visual wonderland, so pleasing to sit and scroll through. Sharing the love along the way of course! So when I decided to start my own Instagram community, I thought; why not! Thus, Developing life was born. Since last summer {2016} it has grown massively and I could not be more proud of the wonderful community we’ve all made along the way.

We recently hit 11,000 photos shared and those numbers just keep rising!

Developing life
Here’s a little secret too – you don’t have to be a blogger to join in! If you have an Instagram account, love sharing your photos then all you need to do to join in is use the hashtag #developinglife. Each week I share a round-up post on my blog of my top three favourites {including my own} and hopefully through that whoever gets a feature will earn some more followers.

Also be sure to pop over to the Developing life Instagram community to like and comment on other photos too. It’s all about sharing the IG love folks! Hopefully, if you don’t join in already, you will do soon, we’d love to have you. 

D xx