Creepiest Halloween decoration EVER – The Scary Peeper

We are huge Halloween fans, but I try to keep the creepily festive decorations around the house a little more child-friendly. I don’t want to scar my kids! However, I’m lucky that my kids love being spooked as much as I do but when we were sent the insanely creepy Halloween peeper to check out even I wasn’t too sure about it. I have to admit, it’s pretty spooky but it’s also loads of fun to prank your friends with. 

It’s a simple window prop that has a sucker cup with string to hang it up with. It’s even more creepy because it’s about the size of a regular person’s head when wearing a hoody – making it look more realistic. When holding it in your hands, sure, you know it’s such a prop {obviously} but there is a real sense of realism to it that gives it that eerily spooky edge. 

You can place him indoors or outdoors, just, when positioning him make sure you place him perfectly so he looks like he’s peeping in {or out} rather than just a head stuck to a window! 

This scary peeper would make an epic addition to someone’s home who just loves to go all out for Halloween or for someone who throws a spooktastic party! 

There is more to the Halloween peeper range, such as the clown {no thank you!} or the window tapper which I think would be terrifying! The Halloween peeper can also be used as a mask – it fits perfectly over your head and to see out I guess you could just make two discreet holes in the eyes for you to see. 

We’ve tried to prank a few takeaway delivery drivers {for our own amusement, obviously!} which has always gone down well & they took the prank like champions. I really love it when people find the amusing side to a fun & harmlessly spooky prank. 

But for now….our Scary peeper {we’ve named him Jeff – it helps the kids to not find him as creepy} keeps making me double take every time I look out the window – and when it gets dark….that’s when it gets sinister….

You can find the Scary peeper Halloween prop over on Amazon RRP £34.99. Do I think it’s worth the money? It’s well made, an effective prank prop but personally, I think it’s a little expensive but for those Halloween enthusiasts, it’s a solid investment. 

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Disclosure: This product was kindly sent to me for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, photos & opinions are entirely my own. 


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