Combining colouring in & virtual reality with Mardles DiscovAR | Review

Who would have thought, that in 2018, our children could colour in a super fun picture and have it come to life? Like, actually come to life, with the help of virtual and augmented reality. I was kindly sent a Mardles DiscovAR pack which is where you can bring, whatever you colour in, to life. 

Mardles Review

This is such a nifty idea, so huge hats off to Sharon & James, the creators for coming up with this pretty awesome idea. You download the Mardles app, for free, and in the bundle we received, we got a 4D colouring-in book along with some action cards and we got some 4D interactive stickers too.

Before handing this over to my 5yr old, I have to admit, curiosity got the better of me and I needed to see how well it worked. I tried it on the car sticker and the car just…sprung to life on the screen of my phone. Not just that – I could also drive the car around! Very, very cool. 

Just as I was having the best fun {kids really do have all the fun, don’t they?}, Annabelle came in and instantly wanted in on the action. To which I {ever so slightly & reluctantly} handed over. She coloured in her first picture and was WOW’d when it came to life on her Amazon Fire Tablet. 

Mardles Review

I just love the fact that the fun doesn’t stop when you’ve finished colouring in your picture. Annabelle really enjoyed seeing her artwork and choice of colours come to life on the screen. She also enjoyed how every now and again and fun fact would pop up like; “Did you know the first man on the moon was back in 1969” etc. 

Here’s how it works:

You download the free Mardles & DiscovAR apps – available on both Android & iOs devices.  

Next up, you need to choose an avatar for your Virtual reality experience. Annabelle chose the little purple guy &  then you’re asked to add your name & nationality before going onto the next stage.

Mardles Review

Mardles Review

Annabelle already had a picture all coloured in, so you need to choose if you want the action cards or colouring in section of the app. We chose colouring-in pages and then you’re asked what book you have; we have the Galactic Quest book and then you choose what picture you have that is ready to come to life. For us, it was Ready for Liftoff. 

You scan your picture and after a little 3-second countdown, it just bursts to life. Annabelle was so excited to see her little purple alien wandering around, as well as planets spinning and the rocket she had coloured in, was even taking off and landing. I’ll be honest though, on her tablet, it was a little harder to see everything – this will be down to the camera quality. However, on my smartphone, it was perfect and she didn’t have to stand up to get everything in like she had to on her tablet. 

I also liked how you could flick between virtual reality and augmented reality – so it really depends which style your child enjoys more. 

Mardles Review

Once she had coloured in a few pages and brought them to life, she was keen to see what the action cards were all about. There is a range of different action cards that you can have your avatar alien do; you can get him to brush his teeth, eat his vegetables, listen to music and you can even put him to bed. 

Mardles Review

As well as the action cards, we kindly received some 4D interactive stickers too {which I spoke about briefly at the beginning of the post – remember the car?}. I think these are incredibly cool and I love that you can stick them anywhere you like – which I know Annabelle will definitely do! 

You can control these stickers and you can even move them off the sticker – which blew Annabelle’s mind. I was driving the car around our dining room and Annabelle loved flying the fighter jet around the garden. I think it’s incredible that an image on a sticker can be brought to life in this way. 

Mardles Review

Mardles Review

Overall, I think this is such a fun twist on colouring in. It’s certainly something I had never heard of before kindly being sent this Mardles bundle for review and it is certainly something that would make an awesome gift, for any occasion.

Alongside the colouring in books & stickers, you can also get story books {which I think would be very cool, indeed!} and magic masks that you can bring to life, as well. So a great range and after the fun we’ve had with our Galactic Quest book, I can see Annabelle putting a few more of them on a certain list later on this year.

Disclosure: We were kindly sent the above products in return for an honest review. All thoughts, photos & opinions are my own.  


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