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This last week has gone by so fast that I’m literally trying to have a recap in my head of what we got up to. Nothing overly exciting mainly because we couldn’t get out the door due to the weather {anyone else putting this Northern Irish summer into the ‘fail’ box?}. Also with my recap my memory is so so bad that I often need to look over my Instagram to be reminded! Am I alone on this one? Surely not! ha! Either way, this week has been full of Coding, cuteness & cake!


Me personally, nothing more than amazing blog posts. But if I can include my daughters, yesterday I found them in a circus {naturally} and Ellie was reading to her little sister. Absolute cuteness!

LOADS of glorious words falling from the mouth of our toddler. She has finally turned that corner we’ve been waiting for and everyday comes a new word. Still a little pronunciation to work on but for two & a half, she’s getting there! “What’s that?!”, “HEY!”, “Apple”, “Hello!”, “Star”, “Go & No!”, “Sheep”, to name a few. Its such a glorious sound to listen to, your child starting to talk! And this little bird has literally blossomed into a proper little chatter box!


A string of Ping pong fairy lights {which I will blog about!} and these are for above Ellies bed. Reason being I have a cute Above the bed inspired post for her because I think she’s a little bored of sleeping monkeys and butterflies! She’s after something a little bit more grown up and something she can call, hers. So I’ve teamed up with Photobox, rustled together a little DIY {the lights} and all will be put together & shared with you soon!
11853983_845398562212303_393950091_nI’ve also made a cake all for the cause of The Great British Bake Off, of course!
11857782_845398592212300_490726000_nIt is a Chocolate Peppermint Madeira cake, you can find the recipe here & it’s also joining in with a Baking campaign with Silver Mushroom over the coming #GBBO weeks, so we’ve lots more bakes to be made,¬†shared and eaten, obviously! I cannot wait to get started on biscuit week as I’ve got a new biscuit stamp that’s just itching to be used!


The Great British Bake off, of course! Loving it so far this series and I certainly think there are a few dark horses in the ranks!

I’ve also been watching Emmerdale. Err, emotional week for them much! Hats off to them because it’s been a rollercoaster and amazingly well done. I cried, more than once!

I’ve also watched my eldest girl take part in a Kano Summer Camp and I’ve been so proud watching her coding herself little images like tents, campsites, campsite signs and more! It’s such a fabulous way for kids to learn coding and it also makes learning to code, fun!
11903435_845398585545634_414497816_nI’ve also watched my kids swimming this week! We’re a Swimfin Family and the kids have been testing them out. But for the toddler, this week saw her swimming with her swimfin ON HER OWN on her second visit to the pool. ON HER OWN! I honestly could have burst right there in the pool, so proud & she continues to amaze us with her water confidence.

No exciting clothes here BUT Annabelle has looked very sweet in a little dress this week. Worn on the ONLY sunny we’ve had in a few weeks. It was passed down to her from her super stylish older cousin and this was her first time wearing it. I think she wears it well. Along with that butter-wouldn’t-melt-but-really-I-could-eat-your-soul-for-dessert smile that she’s wearing too! Haha!




  1. 14/08/2015 / 10:40 AM

    That first photo is gorgeous, what a lovely capture.
    I need to find out more about KANO as I think it would be right up my eldest’s street.
    Have a lovely weekend xx

    • 14/08/2015 / 4:41 PM

      Its a great system Morgana. Definitely check it out! My 10yr old LOVES it. xx

  2. 14/08/2015 / 10:24 PM

    Those ping pong lights are amazing! How a wonderful weekend lovely x

    • 16/08/2015 / 11:48 AM

      Thanks Donna! So easy to make and really effective. x

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