Buying a Mattress Online: Practical Pointers for Getting Your Best Rest

With research showing a steady rise throughout the years in the number of people opting for online shopping as opposed to going to an actual store, online purchases are an extremely common part of life for millions. From groceries to clothes to furniture, the array of products we can buy online is virtually endless.

But when it comes to something like a mattress, many are still sceptical about ordering online. After all, having a bad mattress can have seriously detrimental effects not only on your sleep but your health too, so it’s crucially important you make a good choice. But how can you choose the right mattress for you if you’re not even able to see it in person before buying? A very valid question, but not one that should stop you purchasing a mattress online as it can have many surprising benefits you may not be aware of.

So, if you’re looking for a new mattress but are afraid of clicking that ‘order’ button, here are some pointers of how online mattress shopping can be surprisingly beneficial.

Online reviews

Perhaps one of the most surprising benefits of online mattress shopping, online reviews provide a huge array of valuable information you wouldn’t otherwise get.

When shopping for an extravagant purchase like a mattress in a store, it’s likely the only person you’ll get insight from is a salesperson. Whilst they likely do have your best interests at heart and will want to help, their job is, essentially, to sell mattresses – and they may say anything they have to in order to convince you to buy.

But, when online shopping, you won’t face any pushy sales pressures. Instead, you’ll get an almost endless amount of reviews from real people giving their personal opinion on the mattress they’ve bought. Often, reading online reviews can make or break a person’s decision to buy as, if you originally had your heart set on a particular mattress from a specific brand but saw nothing but bad reviews, would you spend your money on it? Probably not.

See reviews from to get an idea of the different mattress types out there and expert opinions on them.

Cheaper price

This applies to a variety of products ordered online but, when purchasing a product as expensive as a mattress, getting a cheaper price can make the world of difference.

Since online retailers don’t have to pay rent on flashy showroom spaces or pay salaries to in-store salespeople, they can afford to advertise their mattresses at lower prices than those you’d find in a store. Because of this, you’ll likely be able to afford an even better mattress than you originally planned, simply because prices are cheaper.

But, don’t be afraid to buy if you see a price cheaper than you were expecting, as this doesn’t mean a lack of quality. Often, we associate cheaper prices with fewer quality products but, just because a price may be cheaper than in store, it will still be the exact same mattress of identical quality!


Not only applying to mattresses but to every other form of online shopping, convenience is one of the biggest advantages of online shopping.

Even when purchasing a mattress, some people hate the thought of having to waste time heading down to their nearest store and endure the potential hassle of pushy salespeople. When ordering online, you can literally lounge around at home and do everything from the comfort of your own computer – it’s that simple!

Better still, shopping online gives you a much wider choice of mattresses to choose from which just adds to the convenience of the whole thing. When in store, there will always be a limit to the number of mattresses they have on show. And, some of them may not even be in stock for you to look at anyway.

If you find your dream mattress online and find it’s not in stock on one particular site, try searching for it across a range of other sites and you’ll have a much higher chance of locating one that’s in stock and ready to be ordered! Imagine if you encountered this in store – you’d have to travel all the way to another store to get even close to a number of options available online.

When purchasing something as expensive as a mattress, it can be very daunting shopping online. But with the added help of reviews and lower prices, you’re sure to get just as good of an experience as if you were in store – if not better!

Adam Rowley worked in a home furnishings store for many years and is now retired. Instead of letting his knowledge become buried, he’s getting it out of his brain and onto the internet with his articles!

*This is a guest post. 


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