Building a Man Space

Ever since I bought and built my own blogging nook, I think the darling man has been a bit envious. From the moment I got my desk, which was double the size of his {you know what guys are like when it comes to measurements people!} he just wasn’t at peace with mine being bigger than his! Much to my own amusement of course. So since I got mine, he has had it bubbling away in the back of his mind to make himself, as he likes to call it, a ‘man space’.

In typical man fashion, it’s taken him months to finally get round to buying himself the things he needs to make his own space. We recently decorated our back room, or our ‘den’ as we prefer to call it and this is where his little space would be born.

This is how it stands at the moment…
man spaceVery basic, I guess you could say the essentials, but thinking about it the darling man is quite the minimalist.
DSC_2970He’s also been expressing his interest in investing in some lockable cabinets for all of his Uni work and such {to keep away from tiny, grubby hands of the children!}. However, if your man is anything like mine he doesn’t keep important things like work passes and keys in the same place and he is forever misplacing or losing them. Much to my frustration! Although I’ve found a great company online that can help him called Fast Keys if he does manage to lose his cabinet keys {which I know he will. He always does, lol}.

So now he’s technically done, all that’s left to do is for me to splash a little of my creative flair onto it with a few carefully chosen wall art prints, which I will tie into our overall Dining room decor and share a full post with you guys once it’s all fully finished. But for now here’s a little peek of a few I have in mind.
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As a nerdy family I think these will make the perfect addition to the family room in our home!

Does the guy in your life have a ‘man space’?

* This is a post in collaboration with Fast Keys.


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