Buggy farewells, Hospitals & Palma Baby! – #LittleLoves

It’s Friday again. Just sit & think about that. It literally only feels like it was last Friday a moment ago, right? It’s mental how quickly these weeks are flying by & its just bonkers to think everything I was anxious about last week is now over and done with.

Firstly though the darling man and I made the decision to get rid of Miss Belles buggy. The much loved Cosatto Foxtrot Supa. It’s been sitting in our hallway for months, unused {but often just ogled over due to his gorgeous-ness!} due to Annabelle completely repelling the idea of using it. She much prefers to walk and then sitting on our shoulders when she needs a little rest. So I guess because she loves going on the shoulders {some kids really dislike it} we’re cool without the buggy.
Cosatto-Foxtrot-SupaAlthough don’t think for a second that making that decision was an easy one. It’s another product of her babyhood that we’ve had to say goodbye too and that is never easy for any parent to accept.

Saying goodbye to much loved buggys aside…here’s this weeks #LittleLoves.


A leaflet I was given by a nurse last week following my daughters impending tonsil surgery. With me already having mine out and being a bit of medical nerd, I knew all the ins and outs, precautions and risks.
Tonsil-surgery-Little-lovesEllie read it too, because she’s a curious little muggle just like her Mum in that respect. Plus, it her was tonsils they were taking so she had a right to know what was going to happen both before, during and after her tonsilectomy.


My daughter have a freak out moment just before she walked into the anaesthestic room at the hospital before her surgery. She was so brave up until that moment, and I was very surprised she held her fear in for so long. Walking into a small room full of machines, Doctor and nurses, wires dangling everywhere, machines beeping and a little hustle and bustle is nerve wrecking for anyone, so for a ten year old its a terrifying experience.
Tonsil-surgery-Little-loves#3I was so so proud of her though. She did amazing and even though I had to wipe a few tears away from her cheeks {and hold my own back} we managed to distract her a little with getting her to tell us all about her summer holiday to Lanzarote. Before she knew it, she was fast asleep and I was given the OK to leave them to it.

As soon as I walked out of that door though, the tears fell. A tonsilectomy is a minor surgery, I’m well aware of that. But having to walk away, leaving your own child unconsious on a table and in the hands of strangers was something I needed a moment to myself for.

I heard the nurse before I saw her, as my mind was being distracted with facebook and work emails. “Ellies awake now if you want to come up?”. Getting up to recovery and seeing my daughter all teary was not cool, but the surgery was over. I was by her side and everything was going to be OK now. Before she knew it she was wheeled back down to her room, given hugs by her Dad and we were all soon found watching The Hobbit together.


I’m off to Palma on a very exciting two night stay with Travelsupermarket in a few weeks, so over the weekend I did a little ‘sunny-wear’ shopping as I literally have nothing. I picked up this fun little tunic dress {at least I think that’s what it’s called – if not, correct me!}.
Little LovesIts a cute start I think! I’m only going for two days so one outfit down, and one to go!


Cereal Clusters with the kiddies. I really don’t bake as much as I should with the kids really. I think the busy nature of life just gets in the way and time always runs away with us. But hopefully I can stick with making the commitment to do more baking with them.
Baking with kidsA full recipe of these will be on the blog soon.

I loved how involved Annabelle got. Stirring, pouring in ingredients and even spooning out the mixture to make the clusters on the baking sheet. It’s pretty exciting to see her get excited about doing things like this, which spurs me on all the more to do it more often.

And lastly…
Little Loves parenthood




  1. Louisa
    11/09/2015 / 9:53 AM

    I’m glad the tonsillectomy went well. I can imagine how nerve racking it was for you.
    It’s sad to see the back of your buggy. I couldn’t bear to part with ours and put it up the loft despite knowing it will never get used. Have a lovely weekend.

    • 12/09/2015 / 11:27 AM

      Hi Louise, thanks so much! I think we’re just pleased to have it behind us now. I never thought of putting ours in the loft, but now its off to a new home where I hope it’ll be loved as much as it was here. You have a lovely weekend too. x

  2. 11/09/2015 / 11:44 AM

    I’m so glad all went well with the tonsil removal; I think I would have been a little bit wobbly too. Your tunic dress looks fab, hope you have a wonderful time on your little jolly! #littleloves

    • 12/09/2015 / 11:28 AM

      Thanks Jess. We are too. Thanks and I hope so too!

  3. 11/09/2015 / 1:36 PM

    Ahi hope your little lovely girl is recovering well, and your weekend is full of hugs and smiles, you’ve had quite a week. Is that a famous little fox? We have a water bottle with him all over it!

  4. 11/09/2015 / 8:56 PM

    Ooh that buggy is amazing! Your poor daughter, I remember mine being the same when she had her tonsils out they’re fine right until the last minute. So scary leaving them alone too. Hope she’s on the mend now. Lucky you off to Majorca, bet you can’t wait! Have a great weekend x

    • 12/09/2015 / 11:29 AM

      It was love at first sight with that buggy for sure! Have a fab weekend yourself! x

  5. 11/09/2015 / 11:30 PM

    I can’t wait to hear all about your Palma break – so exciting! Your daughter did amazingly with her tonsil op, what a grown up girl! And no more buggy!! T can’t walk far without getting tired so we’ll have the buggy for a while yet! x

  6. 13/09/2015 / 6:01 AM

    I used to have that buggy, it’s fab. Love the print. It sounds like your little girl was so brave, I would have been teary too! x

  7. 16/09/2015 / 10:02 AM

    What a week! So pleased everything went well with Ellie at hospital, you must be relieved it’s over now.
    Looking forward to finding out what you thought of Palma xx

  8. 19/09/2015 / 8:40 PM

    Oh what a week you’ve had. So glad the tonsil surgery went well and what a brave girlie you have. I can’t imagine having to eave Zach in surgery, no matter how minor it is so you were a very brave mummy too! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

    • 21/09/2015 / 4:46 PM

      It was certainly a busy one! It’s not easy leaving your child in the hands of strangers, I have to admit. But she was in and out in no time! Thanks for hosting lovely! x

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