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Bridal themes
– wedding themes. How do you feel about them? Do you view them as yet another thing to wrestle with on the long list of wedding planning palaver? Or does a strong theme help to give you some focus and make the overwhelming number of decisions a little easier to handle? Either way, a theme might be precisely what you need. A watercolour wedding could make your day as well drilled and magical as it should be.
Yet if sticking to a particular ‘concept’ feels too restrictive – like city chic, country girl or Harry Potter extravaganza (yep, people do this!) why not consider a watercolour wedding? Perfect for spring and summer 2016, this theme injects vibrancy, joy and beauty into every aspect of the ceremony and celebrations. Better yet, you won’t be restricted to one or two coordinating colours (yawn), instead having a variety of different types of decorations, dresses and details at your disposal.
And, we think this theme will work beautifully on a rainy summer’s day in England (which after all, is almost inevitable). Watercolour details will help to brighten up a grey sky, looking as though the rain has made your pops of colours run in a way that’s deliberately artistic. So, where does a blushing bride start with the watercolour theme? Well, decide how much of the concept you want to include in your wedding day: do you like the idea of walking down the aisle in a watercolour dress, or would you feel more comfortable giving a subtle nod to it?
If you fall into the former camp, dip your toe into the whimsical world of watercolour by going for watercolour nails. More modern and playful than the classic French manicure, a themed mani and pedi will make you smile long after the day is over, and see you through for your honeymoon! Here’s how to do it yourself, if you fancy trialling it first. Or, slip on a pair of watercolour shoes – they’ll look pretty against your white dress and put a smile on your guests faces! Alternatively, serve up some edible watercolour meringues using store-bought treats with edible food colouring: this tutorial is easily to follow and we think they’d make wonderful favours for the wedding table.

Feeling braver? Why not do watercolour in a big way? Take inspiration from this bride whose fashion designer mother helped her add watercolour to her custom made silk ball gown. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and better than we even dreamed a themed wedding dress could be! Similarly, drape your bridesmaids in an array of watercolour gowns: from floor length numbers, shift dresses, tea dresses and even tulle skirts with a silk chemise – the variety will add interest and be threaded together with an undercurrent of your theme. Finally, give a nod to your theme by introducing it to your guests at the earliest possible stage: the wedding invitations! This theme will even work well for winter weddings, using inky blues, silvers and golds on the invitations.

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    Sounds like a really interesting idea and something that’ll look stunning in the photos

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