Bloodwise: Beat blood cancer since 1960!

Bloodwise: beating blood cancer since 1960

There are a small handful of acts in this world that shed light on what otherwise would be just another grey day, another milestone to overcome. The gift of giving, a smile, teaching others and manners. There is nothing more selfless than reaching out to another and offering whatever you may have to help, be it just a smile or sharing something you know that another will benefit from. Compassion costs nothing yet it’s often hiding in the corners, or people simply just don’t have the time. Those who work together achieve more, so they say, strength in numbers. Bloodwise are a team beyond belief, what was once just a few numbers on paper has fast become a family at the heart of Blood cancer research and development. Consistently reaching out to those in need without question or doubt. Bloodwise offer an abundance of incredible expertise which they so generously share for the benefit of us all but most importantly innovation. Understanding others is the beginning of change.

My biggest fear is cancer. Unfortunately, this is the case for many. We live in a time where the C word crashes into people’s living rooms hurtling at great speed, destroying everything in sight, completely unannounced.  We all know someone who has been affected, treated and hopefully made it through the struggle to the other side. Cancer tests both our mental and physical abilities when we so least expect it. Humans are by far one of the most intelligent species on this earth, yet still so fragile. I believe it’s built within us to remain strong and continue to be the person you’ve always known, not always so easy when faced with the challenge that is Cancer. Luckily, from experience and good nature, there are people who dedicate their lives to making sure you know help is available. Whether it’s just a smile you need, a friendly hug or conversation with someone who truly understands your life in that pinnacle moment, it’s out there.

Loneliness is a silent plague and according to recent studies a relatively high number of us have no one to rely on in a crisis. Loneliness has been proven to delay a cancer patient’s road to recovery, a lonely cancer patient is more likely to refuse and skip treatment. Bloodwise work tirelessly to be the friend and anchor so many patients and families desperately require.  Patients will find themselves part of a huge new family built majorly by volunteers, together united, all passionate about beating blood cancer.  Every volunteer or as we like to call ‘hero’ works with the same goal in mind, together they can create a world without blood cancer, and so can you. Fragile we may be, but together we are strong, together we can run marathons, cycle great distances, see new parts of this world with new friendly faces.  This is a battle, we’re fighting for living rooms without fear, calming the storm and controlling the destruction.

Truth is, we’re not all built for marathons and cycling extravaganzas, some of us are spectators, we prefer to offer support rather than get stuck in. That’s totally fine, people often forget there are so many other smaller steps that can be taken which will make huge tracks in the journey to beating this destructive disease.  Volunteers are always welcomed at Bloodwise, they pride themselves on their family ethics and familiar attitude.  You lead a busy life working 9 -5, when you’re not working you’re being a parent, a friend and a lover. There’s simply no time for marathons or weekends spent volunteering. Donations are always welcomed and so easy to make on their website, simply familiarise yourself, take a look at some of the stories, this allows for a personal level and a realistic insight into what you’re actually helping, you know the disease but do you know the people?  Better yet, buy online. Online charity shops are a unique way to give. An amazing 100% of the profits from the Bloodwise online shop go towards beating blood cancer. It’s the gift of giving, the smile someone so desperately needed on that grey day and the act of giving you were so gravely seeking.

Whether you’re treating yourself or a loved one, you can be sure that when buying online with Bloodwise your purchase has come from a good place and will continue to do so.  Bloodwise ensure they have an extensive range of products, for this reason, making your options to donate way more within your reach.  A personal favourite is there beautiful forget me not flower jewellery design. Part of their 55-year heritage, the symbolic flower holds incredible significance for me personally. I have previously used the shop for gifts but my forget me not flower is a gift to myself to remind me of a person so very dear to my heart. I wear them on special occasions and for me they really add a whole new life and meaning to what jewellery represents.

Community ethos is slowly disappearing,  with a vast number of people not even knowing the name of their next door neighbour these days. Gone are the days of popping next door to borrow milk or flour, shockingly more than half – 51 per cent of people have said they wouldn’t ask their neighbor for help with anything. Bloodwise offer a glimmer of hope, I see the work they do and results they achieve. Cancer destroys homes but from our homes we shall help, with one click we can fight the battle, support the cause and work towards a happier healthier future, together.

*This is a guest post.


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