Being a ‘Gamer Mum’

 I wasn’t always into gaming, in fact for a long time I despised it. Gaming consoles were always the one constant thing that made a massive abyss in pretty much all of my relationships. 
Many a time I was ignored and placed behind the priority of a console or PC game. More time was taken to remembering the maps of their battlegrounds than anything else and the needs of the game always came first. Always. 

Until one day I decided to grab the gaming reins for myself to see what all the fuss was about. I tried my hand at consoles, only ever favoured rally & fighting games. Then I ventured into nerd-ville and really got into some 40K tabletop gaming with my Sisters of Battle army

So yes I was one of these people that you would see having a blast around the terrain in the Games Workshop. The what workshop I hear you ask? 

Next, I was lured into playing Dungeons & Dragons {and this is where I fell in love!}. There has been many an evening spent chilling out with mates, pizzas cooking in the oven, d20’s & d12’s being shook as a player took their turn and little miniatures acting as our characters, all on top of a battle mat and each with our character sheets. 

Proper geeky right? IT’S SO AWESOME! ha! 
But a true highlight to being a gamer mum, its not having had some epic 40K battles with my Sisters of Battle, its not even being able to wield {roleplay style} my half fire/half ice dire flail as an elven fighter in D&D, nor was it even getting my daily win on Summoners Rift {League of Legends}….but it’s the ability to interact with my children in their world
My children love gaming and they can become disconnected with reality at times, more so my teens. But with this…I can join in on their world and even be considered ‘a cool mum’. Do you know how insanely EPIC it is to have your teenagers come to you and asking if you’d like to hang out? 
Ok, it may not be a movie, but we’re still together, enjoying each others company and having a laugh. With the little ones, I’m building with them on Minecraft and killing exploding creeper zombies and with my older ones I slay dragons and help restore the balance of the world of Azeroth. 
I don’t think I’d change being a gamer Mum for anything. It’s a pretty awesome thing to be, my kids seem to think its pretty cool too. 


  1. Kim Carberry
    25/02/2014 / 11:53 AM

    I used to be a gamer….lol World of Warcaft! I found I didn’t have time to game and blog so I gave up WOW. I will return one day….hehehe

    • Deborah Patrick
      25/02/2014 / 12:04 PM

      I have to admit, I find it hard to juggle the gaming, blogging and the other array of hobbies I have. But somehow I’ll happily level up, pop out a few blog posts and more in an evening, lol.

      You should totally return to WoW! My daughter got her first character to level 20 and to say she is chuffed would be an understatement, lol x

  2. Amy Squires
    25/02/2014 / 4:08 PM

    I’m dealing with my jealousy issues when you leave LoL for WoW. hehe

    • Deborah Patrick
      25/02/2014 / 4:09 PM

      LOL Amy…your funny. I’ll be on League tonight for a game or two. We need some wins after the last time, lol! x

  3. The Brick Castle
    25/02/2014 / 4:43 PM

    I’ve never played WOW on purpose – I love my Playstation. I’ve played games since I got my first Megadrive umpteen million years ago. Breastfeeding is THE best excuse for hours sat on the sofa getting platinum trophies in Bioshock and Fallout, and the cool points you score with your teenagers are through the roof 😀

    • Deborah Patrick
      25/02/2014 / 10:35 PM

      Jeez..I remember those Mega drive and Sega Master System I & II fondly! Hell I even loved playing TMHT on my Commodore 64 and we’ll not even talk about my Commodore VIC 20! lol! Breastfeeding is an EPIC excuse for getting to game, haha. So you’re into Bioshock & Fallout huh. Sweet. I was always a massive DoD fan on the PC and then Halo on the 360. x

  4. Jennifer Hughes
    25/02/2014 / 5:41 PM

    Oh my goodness. My husband and I are BIG gamers and are kids are going to be as well 🙂 Get your geek on!

    Jennifer @ The Jenny Evolution

    • Deborah Patrick
      25/02/2014 / 10:36 PM

      Haha, I knew your gaming Mums where hiding some where, this is so ace, lol. So what games are you both into them? No WoW players amongst you? 😉 x

    • Deborah Patrick
      25/02/2014 / 10:37 PM

      Thanks hun 🙂 I think connecting with my children is the biggest bonus EVER with gaming. I love that my teens come to me to ask if I’d like to hang out instead of me harassing them you know xx

  5. Lucie Aiston
    28/02/2014 / 1:54 PM

    Wow!! I don’t despise gaming at all! I just hate being a PlayStation 3 Widow! We sit next to each other on the sofa and can go hours without a word spoken! My kids are also obsessed with Mine Craft!! Maybe I’m missing out and should get amongst it! 🙂 xx

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