Be yourself. My Sunday Photo.

Yesterday as I was getting ready to take my birthday boy out to lunch I thought of what I would wear. Would I wear a pair of skinny jeans, dolly shoes and a nice top or should I go in what I’d like to wear? I decided against the ‘Mumsie’ look and went with being me. I went as who I really am, and yes I maybe 35 and wearing a TMNT tee and shorts but I reckon I can still rock a pair of shorts and a character tee. Chunky legs aside!

I think when we have children we tend to bury who we are underneath the needs of our children. We tend to get swept along with society and try to blend in as to not stand out and be judged. But I say screw that. I’m proud to be a ‘cool gamer Mum’. I’m proud that I know how to slay dragons on Warcraft, build EPIC mountain home escapes on Minecraft and I’m even pretty nifty with a certain archer on League of Legends.
I’m proud to be me, so I’m being just that because being true to yourself is the best thing you can be. {on top of everything else us Mums have to rock at!}.
My Sunday Photo



  1. 16/08/2015 / 9:43 PM

    Always good to be yourself and you look great x

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