Be alert for hidden dangers with Electrical Safety First

Children today have all kinds of gadgets; from tablets, iPhones, laptops and more. The digital age is upon us and we have no choice but to just…roll with it. Each of those electrical gadgets will require charging and will take up a plug socket e.g. My son charges his kindle in his own bedroom. My daughters have both a PC and various other appliances that require a plug socket.

Keeping them safe with all of those electrical appliances in mind is one of my top priorities. However am I completely up to speed on the hidden dangers in my children’s bedrooms, when using electrical appliances? It’s a good chance that I’m not; are you?

With that in mind, I have teamed up with Electrical Safety First to encourage not only myself but you as well to be alert to any hidden dangers that may be in your children’s bedroom and being electrically safe.

For example, when my daughter charges her mobile phone I need to make sure the plug isn’t near any bedding; as it’s important for the heat generated to be able to dissipate. If the appliance is covered in bedding or anything flammable, this leaves a potential fire hazard. No matter how safe you are, though, just remember that electrical appliances can turn faulty {sometimes spontaniously} and become a risk. Therefore when my daughter isn’t charging her phone/tablet I make sure she {or I} removes the plug from the socket. 

Another danger that could cause an electrical fire is dust on consoles. We all have a child {or most of us at least} that will have a child who has a console in their bedroom. My kids have a daily chore chart that helps them keep on top of their chores and dusting their consoles in a daily must-do-task.

As for my husband and I, getting into the habit of switching off all of the plugs in the house before bedtime was always his habit more than mine. So I’ve been working on that and it shocked me how many plugs we have active during the day. The only one we do keep on is our three-year-olds nightlight. Yes, it is attached via the mains but we’ve made sure it isn’t near anything to be considered a danger. 

Also, are using too many sockets? You can check out this socket calculator as well popping over to visit Switched on Kids and/or Two Thirty Volts to educate both older & younger children on the importance of handling electrical appliances safely and responsibly.



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